4 IPhone Apps That Could Save Your Relationship

These applications may be able to take your relationship to the next level.

iphone app

Technology, the bastard child of necessity and curiosity, has really come into it's own in this last couple of centuries. Before then, pretty much everything they invented you were like, "yeah, my brother's kids probably could have done that" (see: wheel, sliced bread, et al.). And since our inventions started getting really good, we learned that technology has a great impact on relationships (See, How To Have Sex In A Car, and 20 Relationship & Technology Dos And Don'ts). The iPhone, the world's greatest invention after air conditioning, is no exception. In addition to receiving your text messages, placing your phone calls and helping you calculate the tip, the iPhone can have much longer greater impact on relationships vis-à-vis something called "apps."


"Apps" is short for applications* and it looks like everyone AND his brother has an app for the iPhone these days. 

1. The first app that we noticed is called the Girlfriend Keeper. Per the LA Times, the Girlfriend Keeper only requires a man (or gay woman) to input a few select bits of data and your relationship communication goes into cruise control. For instance, you put in old girl's birthday and the GK sends her not only a happy birthday notification but also happy un-birthday texts. You can even enter a level of affection so it knows which notes to send. Click here to get it.

2. "That sounds great, but I don't have a girlfriend." You and me both, buddy. That's where Pepsi's AMP UP Before You Score comes in handy. You figure out a woman's type (there are an unbelievable 24 options) and then get tips on how to seduce her. Once the seduction takes place, you can let your Facebook and Twitter followers in on your score. Delightful! The team at Jezebel is quite incensed about this product, which probably means that it works! Click here to get it.


3. OK, now you and your girlfriend are through couples skating and ready to be part of a decent society, what next? Well, as you know, most of your friends don't have much to say, so you'll need an icebreaker. Try Sexy Slang's Naughty & Nice Charades. It's super fun (especially after two glasses of wine or a similar amount of alcohol) and very similar to regular Charades except more boobs and butts. Click here to get it. Read:The 10 Sexiest Games For Lovers (And Others)

4. And no matter what your dating situation, you could use the YourTango.com iPhone App. Click here to get it. Thank me later. Freebie: Download The YourTango App For Your iPhone!

Hit me up with any iPhone apps that you think could save single and dating men.

*Note: In the food service industry "app" can also mean appetizer or a small amount of food that comes before the main course.