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4 Alcohol-Free Date Ideas

alcohol-free date

Somehow datingespecially in the early parts of courtshipgot all tangled up in endless rounds of booze, wine buzzes ripe with oversharing and nasty, nasty hangovers. While there's a time and place for all things debauche, nothing clouds a "should I see this person again" judgement more than a splitting headache, cotton mouth and wondering how you got home. Dating Dealbreakers: Top 5 Reasons Guys Dump You

So for those of you looking to date like a sober person (or just look like one!) here are a few non-alcoholic dating ideas that would make your mother proud.
1.) Play Tourist For A Day: Sure you may not live in a big, glamorous city spilling with culturebut its likely wherever you dwell has something historical and School Trip-worthy. Pretend you're on vacation and want to justify your plane ticket with something educational. Hit up an art museum, go visit a Civil War battleground, check out that hamburger joint that's always touted as "The Best In The Country." Basically, do all the lame touristy stuff you were always too hip for while researching cheap happy hours.

2.) Go Hiking And Bring A Picnic: Dust off your sneakers, figure out the closest mountain and hike to the top. If that isn't convenient (or if you're embarrassed about how out of shape you are) go for a walk in a park. Maybe bring your camera and take pictures of pretty foliage. Pack a picnic (no wine!). Sure this may seem a bit Brady Bunch but you'll be shocked to learn how much fun it is act like you're miming a Dick and Jane dating show.
3.) Pretend You're Super Rich (Without Spending a Dime): Go to really expensive antique or furniture stores and browse like you have oodles of cash to blow. Think about how you'd furnish your Cribs-worthy pad if you fell into a couple million. Maybe visit an art gallery where the squares hanging on the wall cost more than you make in a year. Bonus points if you find a guy who wants to try on designer clothes and twirl in front of mirrors, but be realistic about that last one.

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4.) Visit A Dessert/Coffee Bar And Gorge On Sugar: If you're looking for post-dinner, nightcap (in place of the normal bar-hop) why not sub with the next best thing from booze: caffeine and sugar! Go to one of those shops with gleaming, chocolate pastries in the window and  complicated coffee drinks. This will be your opportunity to finally try the double ristretto venti nonfat organic chocolate brownie frrappuccino. Extra hot.