Dating Dunce? 15 Signs You're Bad At Dating

bad at dating

Get out your red pen and check out this tough dating test to see how you fare.

I'm bad at commitment. Heck, I can barely spell it. However, I do know I'm good at dating. I've never said I love you, but last week I gave three guys my number. Don't come to me looking for solutions to your relationship dilemma, but if you wanna know how to hook up on any given holiday, I'm your girl. So, if you're single and you're not sure you really know how to mingle, check out this tough love test to see if you're better at sewing buttons than your seed. The Frisky: Four Signs He's Not The One

1. You Can Go To A Crowded Bar And Not Meet Someone
Hot stuff, all you gotta do is smile at some guy and he'll melt like butter. Bonus points if you can actually get a sentence out. The Frisky: What's The Lamest Excuse A Guy Has Used To Cancel Your Date?

2. Funky Chicken
If you're self-conscious about the way you dance, you are no fun to screw. Well, at least that's what peeps who are watching your awkward moves think. If you wanna do the horizontal mambo, you've gotta start by letting yourself get down vertically. Confidence is more seductive than high heels, lingerie, and money. The Frisky: How Not To Flirt

3. So Close, Yet So Far Away
Do you ever go up to the bar alone and order next to a stud? Luck is being in the right place at the right time, and so is getting 'er done. If you expect fate to drop a man in your lap, you don't see how many have already landed around you. The Frisky: The Dos And Don'ts Of Emailing Online Dating Matches

4. Don't Get Jealous, Get Even
Do you have a friend who gets it twice as much as you and you don't understand how? If so, start using her as a wingwoman. And take notes if you like what you see. The Frisky: MERRIme, A Web Comedy About Online Dating

5. Mixin' Business With Pleasure
You hand your card to guys you want to call you. I have, personally, in all my years as a tramp, never ever had a guy call me after handing him my business card— and I handed out all 250! Same thing goes for putting your number on a napkin. You have to watch them put your info directly in their phone. Otherwise, they'll lose the card—and you—forever. The Frisky: Why Am I Still Single?

6. You're Bad At Breakups
If you can't leave a guy you're not into, well, then you're a settler, sinking in the soft relationship quicksand. No dates for you! The Frisky: Know Your Textiquette

7. Just Teasin'
Are you a tease? If your answer is no, you're doing it wrong. The brain is the biggest erogenous zone. If you don't know how to mess with a man's mind a little, you'll never be his fantasy girl. And I'm not talking about game playing; I'm talking about straight-up sexy repartee. The Frisky: Why Do We Need Sex Education Again?

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