Choosing Battlestar Galactica Over A Boyfriend

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An online dating veteran quits after falling in love with the TV show "Battlestar Galactica."

My last tortured breakup led to two things: television and online dating. The painful end to the long-term relationship led me first to the glory of take-out and then to television, culminating in renting DVDs of the Sci Fi show Battlestar Galactica. At the same time, I became an online dating veteran. For two years, I went on countless first dates and a handful leading to a second, none leading to romance. I shed no tears about these strike-outs, having already found plenty of substitutes for men. Little did I know then that watching Battlestar Galactica would, in part, spell the end of my attempts to find love.

Riveting plot aside, the men on Battlestar Galactica make for distracting eye candy—they're handsome in a traditional, firm-jawed sort of way, athletic (to escape outer space enemies) and driven (to survive their frequent outer space peril.) The women are equally attractive, and all the characters are constantly thrust into thrilling, high-stakes situations. What's not to love? I began pushing this show on my friends, determined to bring them into my new world. For me, there was no higher paradise than sitting on my floor, eating Ethiopian take-out, and watching my characters go through their torrid emotional ups and downs (while I, coincidentally, experienced none). 20 Hottest Men on Television

I met the man who would be my final online date on a Friday night, that is, a Battlestar Galactica night. Gerald and I had arranged to meet at a hip downtown Manhattan coffee shop, where the atmosphere was hectic and the lighting dim. I arrived first, bought a coffee and settled in to daydream about ensconcing myself afterwards in the messy apartment of my friend, Brianna, an intense Battlestar fan. She'd turn the volume high and together we'd let ourselves become enthralled. Gerald came in to the coffee shop while I was wondering if I'd see Starbuck and Lee—my star-crossed lovers on Battlestar—brush arms on that night's episode. 7 Best Husbands Of Sci-Fi TV

Gerald was OK, I decided immediately. He smiled and was not unattractive. This was high praise for someone I met via the internet. I knew we had the right chemistry for a painless date. I tried not to judge his beverage selection—a frothy-looking mochachino. There was so much automatic judging on online dates. My Yearlong Affair With Online Dating

"You don't drink coffee?" I asked.

"I just don't like the taste," he said. Every man I'd ever fallen for had shared my passion for coffee. But he said it with a smile, and delivered these neutral words with an air that I liked. I couldn't quite pinpoint it, but it was there, and I felt warmed by the possibility of a real human connection.  

"Even though you're in law school?" I asked. "I mean, coffee's a serious necessity, right?" 

We discussed law school, his soon-due term paper, my current position in book publishing. And, of course, I could not help but nudge him in the direction of Battlestar Galactica. He indulged my lavish praise. He knew the love of series television, though these days, he didn't have much time to keep track of a show. I felt buoyed and intrigued by our conversation, willing to overlook his love of Lost which, to me, seemed like a vanilla version of Battlestar. We walked out of the coffee shop together, and he asked for my number.  I was grateful we seemed to be on the same page.  Another date? Sure. While I wasn't head over heels, our conversation had been pleasant with few awkward pauses. Get Guys Begging For A Second Date: Here's How

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