Lay It On Me! 4 Ways To Hint You Want His Kiss

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You couldn’t have asked for a better date. He chose a good outfit. He opened the door for you. He was funny and charming. He picked up the check. He walked you to your car or subway stop. You’re pretty sure he wants to kiss you, but he looks pretty nervous. Here are four ways you can help him muster up the nerve to take the plunge:

Keep the conversation going. It takes a minute or two for a guy to psych himself up for the moment of truth. The worst thing you can do is give the impression that you’re in a rush to leave. So do everything in your power to let him know you don’t want this night to end.

Smile like a maniac. Men aren’t always great listeners, but we are fluent in body language. Now is the time to pull out all the stops--smile, tilt your head coquettishly, giggle and generally act like a thirteen year-old girl meeting a Jonas Brother. Now is not the time for foolish pride.

Ask him, "So you’re gonna call me, right?" YOU know that you had a great time on the date, but there’s a good chance HE has no clue how you’re feeling. Do the guy a solid and let him know that you want to see him again.

Go ahead and kiss him! Who says the guy has to initiate the first kiss? Take a deep breath, pucker up and go for it. Dollars to donuts you won’t regret it.

Have you ever used any of these techniques? Have you ever initiated a first kiss? What’s the best first kiss you’ve ever experienced? How about the worst?

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