British Start 'Orgasm A Day' Campaign

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The U.K.'s National Health Service urges students to have an orgasm twice a week.

We're huge proponents of pleasuring ourselves on a regular basis. When we don't our body just feels...what's the word... unhealthy.

Well, today we read that the U.K.'s National Health Service thinks we're on to something. In fact, the NHS is going so far as handing out pamphlets to school children touting 'An Orgasm A Day Keeps The Doctor Away.' The pamphlet asks the question: why promote healthy eating and exercise and not the maintenance and upkeep of one's sexual organs? Masturbation May Cut Cancer Risk

It's an excellent question, really. Why not strive for five servings of fruits/vegetables, some cardio and an earth-shattering orgasm to end it off? The NHS formally suggests an orgasm twice a week, which really isn't too unrealistic. While this could absolutely be a pro-masturbation campaign, the NHS then adds that sex is great cardiovascular exercise.

We're not sure what tricks high school-aged boys have up their sleeves today, but we'd hardly file our adolescent sexual fumblings into the same category as 25 minutes on the treadmill. But then again, far be it for us to say. Orgasm For An Hour (Yes, We're Serious)

Regardless, it will come as no shock to you that parents and school administrators are red-faced and disgusted by this campaign. Great Britain has the highest rate of teenage pregnancies in all of Western Europe and they think this practically begs kids to have unbridled, casual sex. Some are going so far as saying this is another form of "child abuse."

Now, to be fair, we're not entirely sure how much higher our sexual partner count would be had we strived for extra cardio in the form of intercourse at fifteen. However, we're pretty sure we'd still know we ought to use a condom. And we're pretty sure all those health videos about fresh-faced youngsters testing positive for H.I.V. would still haunt us (as they do today). We're guessing Great Britain has done their fair share of abstinence and safe sex education, and we're just guessing it hasn't worked.

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