Robert Pattinson Fed Up With American Women

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Stalkers and groupies have really made filming in New York tricky for the Twilight star.

The British and brooding heartthrob (one-part Austin Powers, one-part Richard Grieco) Robert Pattinson does not care for stalking. He does not care for it one bit. All in all, he'd prefer adulation and fame on his terms. According to Celebitchy, the Twilight star (and Harry Potter third fiddle) is sick and tired of American women stalking him.

Robert Pattinson is in New York (City) filming his latest picture, Remember Me, and the ladies of the Big Apple will not leave him alone. Evidently, they grab at him and make a spectacle anytime he's in public. He reportedly feels that Londoners (tween girls inclusive) are a little more laid back (with their minds on their money and their money on their minds) about fame than their American counterparts (or it could be that he's not as famous or exotic in those parts). Frankly, we're a little surprised that New Yorkers would kook-out like this. Though they did almost tear Midtown in half for the Jonas Brothers...

Because of this attention the Edward Cullen-portrayer is incredibly stressed out. Since Twilight hit big screens, Robert Pattinson has had to take evasive maneuvers to avoid amorous (and loony) fans. For instance, he changes hotels every several days to keep the women off of his trail.

In addition to dodging the groping hands of female fans (and possibly their hurled underpants), Robert Pattinson has gotten nothing but a load of prying and conjecture from the American tabloid media. They (we) knew that was dating Kristen Stewart. But then he was definitely dating Camille Belle. We were sure that he slept with Megan Fox. And someone, somewhere was convinced that he was practically engaged to Emilie de Ravin. Not an easy road. We suppose he can rest easy that no one maintains the public's interest for too terribly long without actively working at it. Read: Robert Pattinson Scared To Date

And he should consider listening to Run DMC's "It's Tricky" before complaining about how tough it is to be famous… and deal with groupies… in New York (YouTube).

Photo: Bauer Griffin