Robert Pattinson Gives Kristen Stewart Ultimatum

robert pattinson kristen stewart

The actor reportedly wants to know if his costar is really interested in him.

Apparently Robert Pattinson is getting a little impatient with costar Kristen Stewart's indecision.

According to Hollywood Dame, the Twilight hunk gave Stewart until they begin filming the third movie in the series, Eclipse, to figure out whether or not she wants to be with him. Pattinson is apparently unhappy sharing her with Stewart's longtime boyfriend, Michael Angarano. Vampire Love

Angarano and Stewart have been dating since 2004 when they filmed the movie Speak together. However, if Pattinson has his way, the Angarano-Stewart relationship could be kaput by this fall.

Pattinson is currently in New York City filming the movie Remember Me. Meanwhile, like any good contemplative girlfriend, Stewart has been seen out on the town with fellow Eclipse actress Dakota Fanning.

Either way, Pattinson might have a relationship backup plan in case Stewart decides to stick it out with Angarano.

The National Enquirer is reporting that Pattinston has been secretly seeing actress Camilla Belle despite Belle's relationship with Joe Jonas. While the magazine quotes a friend saying Belle is "crazy in love" with Pattinson, she (and Stewart) might have some additional competition. Joe Jonas Fires Back At Taylor Swift With A Song

Pattinson reportedly made out with Erika Dutra with at a Cannes Film Festival Party back in May, and he's also been linked actresses Shannon Woodward and Nikki Reed.

And in a twist of Hollywood irony that would make Kevin Bacon proud, Reed, who is in the Twilight saga along with Pattinson and Stewart, also appeared in Lords of Dogtown with the possibly-soon-to-be-dumped Anagarano.

Are you keeping notes? If so, we may need to compare.

Photo courtesy of Splash.