More Gossip, Girl: A Leighton Meester Sex Tape?

leighton meester

Blair Waldorf would NOT approve. According to TMZ, Gossip Girl's Leighton Meester may have let a sex tape get outside of her control. Rumors are aswirl that a video of the starlet making sexy time with her boyfriend is being offered to media outlets all over the pop culture spectrum. Read: Make Your Best Sex Tape Yet

The speculation has been ratcheted up to "probable" by the release of several still images from the purported sex tape. It's said that the scene was shot years ago and largely involves Leighton Meester prancing around innocently though naked. TMZ states that there are a few exceptions to the virtuous skinny-lounging majority, of which there is "one involving her very talented feet." 

Yowza, is it possible that Leighton Meester is going to bring the footjob into prominence? There has been no comment from her representatives or suits filed. Maybe it's just a girl who looks like Blair Waldorf. Maybe it's really Minka Kelly.

Too bad that this isn't an episode of Gossip Girl, because Blair Waldorf would be the perfect person to track down the party responsible for leaking this (not that we watch that show). And the list of possible suspect would already be down to Poppy, Poppy's embezzling boyfriend, Chuck Bass (for his own Machiavellian reasons) and Georgina Sparks. The whole gang could get involved to make sure that the negative publicity doesn't wreck Blair's mom's latest fashion show (honestly, not that we watch that show).

Though her film career could use a shot in the arm, we'd be really surprised if this rumor (or actual sex tape) came out of the Leighton Meester camp. We do guess that's one secret they'll never tell. Any thoughts on whether or not this will give her career a boost? XO XO

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