Sex Tapes Of Carla Bruni Stolen, May Sell

Sex Tapes Of Carla Bruni Stolen, May Sell

Despite all the attention Michelle Obama has been getting lately for being awesome, planting organic victory gardens and picking out Portuguese water dogs doesn't really compare to the madcap adventures of France's executive spouse, pop singer, model, and dater of rock stars Carla Bruni, who is the third wife of the country's president, tiny little man Nicolas Sarkozy. Now some of Bruni’s colorful past may be coming to haunt her husband—well, more than your average fellow is haunted by knowing that his wife used to nail Mick Jagger.

In 2007, when Bruni ended her decade-long affair with Raphaël Enthoven, a philosophy professor with whom she has a son, Aurélien, Enthoven gave various audiovisual mementoes of their relationship to his younger brother, Julien, for safekeeping. (Because nothing says "These naked photos we took in bed won't ever see the light of day" like the ironclad guarantee that is your ex-boyfriend's younger brother. Seriously, ladies: Get the negatives.) Julien's Paris apartment was robbed on Sunday, with thieves only taking the compromising photos and video of Ms. Bruni. That's not suspicious at all.

"The thieves appeared to know exactly what they were looking for," a source told England's The Daily Mail, "taking highly intimate prints, a camera full of further images, videos, and numerous computer files."

The Daily Mail reports that Julien Enthoven's neighbors speculate the burglary might have something to do with President Sarkozy's official visit to Spain, that the French intelligence service was behind recovering the naughty tapes, or that Justine Lévy, who was married to Raphaël Enthoven when he and Bruni took up together (yeah, you might need a flowchart to keep track of all this) might still hold a grudge (she totally does). But while a Carla Bruni sex tape made public would certainly be front-page news and might even embarrass the seemingly unshakable Ms. Bruni a little, it wouldn't hold a candle to that crazy Catherine the Great, or even some of the racier antics of Monaco's royal family. But if it causes her diminutive husband to invade Russia, that would be, uh, unfortunate.

Via The Daily Mail. Photo courtesy of Splash News.