TV's 7 Most Dysfunctional Couples

TV's 7 Most Dysfunctional Couples

Sure, the characters in television shows are generally gorgeous, intelligent, and seem to lead lives well outside their financial means. Nevertheless, even these blessed fictional beauties have problems when it comes to relationships. Commitment phobes, sex addicts, and the emotionally unhealthy run rampant on today's most popular television programs. Take a look at these couples and feel better about your own relationship. You're welcome.

Blair Waldorf and Chuck Bass, Gossip Girl

These two are the definition of teen angst. High class society girl Blair Waldorf just can't seem to get enough of sexy, brooding Chuck Bass despite his man-whore reputation. Lucky for them, they are both masters of manipulation. Though they both claim to hate each other, and are only using each other for sex, they both eventually fall in love with one another. Despite this, it takes Chuck a good two full seasons to say those three magic words. Watch: How To Say "I Love You"

Oh, did we mention that Blair slept with Chuck's uncle around the time his father died?

Mr. Big and Carrie Bradshaw, Sex and the City

First, Carrie caught Mr. Big on a date with another woman. Then he said he could never remarry again. Cut to a few months later after their break up, and she finds herself being introduced to his fiancee, Natasha. Though eventually this couple ends up happily ever after, it's only after several affairs (really, poor Aidan) and about ten years of emotional heartache.Read: Cheater or Cheated, What's Worse?

Paula Abdul and Simon Cowell, American Idol

OK, OK. We know that they aren't really a couple. But, hell, they might as well be. And doesn't Simon often refer to their sexual chemistry and hidden love for one another? You know, in between challenging every other thing Paula says. Read: Simon Says He And Paula Secretly In Love

Michael Scott and Jan Levinson, The Office

While Michael never had a problem professing his unrelenting adoration for his play-by-the-rules boss, Jan, she continually appeared disgusted by his presence—even after having vacation sex with him.  It is revealed in later episodes that Jan enjoys sex with Michael but denies his emotional needs such as cuddling or eventually having a family. Read: 12 Relationship Red Flags

The couple is later shown living together, one minute happy and the next throwing things at each other and yelling. To top it off, Jan ends up with a baby, and Michael's not the daddy. Thank goodness this couple seems to have broken up for good.

Meredith Grey and Derek Shepherd, Grey's Anatomy

Dysfunctional from the start, Grey's Anatomy's most famous couple, Meredith and McDreamy, started as a one-night stand. Read: Top 5 Reasons To Date Your One-Night Stand

Combine that with the fact that Derek is Meredith's superior and, was, oh yes, still married at the time. Over the period of the show the couple gets back together, breaks up, and has a whole lot of sex throughout.

Derek seems to always want more from the relationship than Meredith, who can't seem to commit to the idea of marriage. Granted, they are engaged now. But will Meredith's "dark, twisty" side allow the wedding to happen?

Robin Scherbatsky and Barney Stinson, How I Met Your Mother

One spends his life trying to sleep with as many women as possible, at all costs, and the other is a dedicated workaholic. Although Barney realizes he has feelings for Robin, he has no qualms with bedding other females despite being jealous when Robin and ex Ted Mosby begin to casually hook up. Read: Hooking Up: Liberation or Desperation?

When the two finally do reveal their feelings to one another, they decide to make out rather than figure out the whole "relationship situation."

Dennis Duffy and Liz Lemon, 30 Rock

Dennis, or "The Beeper King," has an on again, off again romance with Liz who is embarrasssed to be seen with him. Liz realizes Dennis isn’t good for her and tries her best to avoid him, but always gets sucked back in to the relationship whenever he comes around.

For his part, Dennis was convicted as an online sexual predator and slept with Liz's best friend, Jenna Maroney, while dating Liz. Poll: What Is The Best Revenge For A Cheating Boyfriend?

Hilarious? Yes. Healthy? No.

What television couple (past or present) do you think has the most unhealthy relationship?