Mariah Carey's Husband Goes After Eminem

nick cannon and mariah carey

Comedian and sometimes free-styling rapper, Nick Cannon, had some choice words for his wife's, Mariah Carey, ex-boyfriend. While his birth certificate says Marshall Mathers, you know the ex as Eminem (or Slim Shady, if you're nasty).

Like many things that end, Eminem and Mariah Carey's relationship did not end well. And since he began putting together his latest album, Relapse, the blond b-boy has mentioned that his relationship with Mariah Carey would inspire some of the records tracks and lyrics. According to Idolator, Nick Cannon downloaded the leaked track "Bagpipes From Baghdad" and wrote a long, detailed blog about what the song means to him. It means war. 

Nick Cannon has vowed to make Eminem's life miserable for dissing his special lady. The former Nickelodeon star plans re-open his "corny-ass" rhyme lab and verbally destroy the possibly bipolar rapper. Read: Beware Of Dating People-Pleasers

Per The Superficial, Cannon's blog equates the attack on Mariah Carey as fightin' words to all black women (and later something about her ethnic heritage being the same as President Obama's). Though we haven't heard the record, this would not be Eminem's first faux pas regarding black women. He did a song back when he was a kid (which he's subsequently apologized for) that warned against dating “black girls.” We suppose everyone's probably should just count their blessings that he didn't use any of the pillow talk, phone conversations he allegedly recorded without Mariah's knowledge.

At any rate, Nick Cannon either got over his Eminem enmity or decided that it's wiser to cross the Rubicon before officially declaring war because the post has subsequently been deleted from his personal blog. Whatever the outcome of this feud, it totally plays into Eminem's hands as the album is set to hit shelves on May 19th and could use the pub.

Speaking of publicity, per Perez Hilton Eminem is taking 200 laid-off auto-workers with him to LA to promote Relapse on Jimmy Kimmel's show for three days. What a sweetheart…

Do you have anyone's back in this brewing battle between Eminem and Nick Cannon? We smell sequel to 8 Mile.

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