Mariah Carey Made Nick Cannon Wait

Mariah Carey Made Nick Cannon Wait

Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon held off on the premarital sex.

This explains a lot. According to Celebitchy, Mariah Carey is of the purchasing the cow first school. The singer, songwriter, and innovator of the cut-off jean tops look (how did that look not have more staying power?) decided that she would try a new tactic (it may have been a strategy) with Nick Cannon: the old forbidden fruit route. We would never have pictured the diva as a fan of the Georgia Satellites but she took this play straight from their classic "Keep Your Hands To Yourself":

Always no huggin no kissin until I get a wedding ring
My honey my baby don't put my love upon no shelf
She said don't give no lines and keep your hands to yourself

Those rednecks were ahead of their time and should have been bigger than Molly Hatchet. But that's beside to the point, the point is that Mariah's crazy ass would rather get a quickie marriage than just bone on the premarital tip. Sure, there's principle involved and she had Nick do a prenup but it just seems like an odd move. Typically, the wait and screw approach is just to protect a woman's honor / maidenhood (if such things exist). But Mariah has been married before. She and music exec Tommy Mottola shared a (what's the opposite of blissful?) 5-year marriage in the mid-90s. And she later dated Derek Jeter and Eminem, 2 guys that don't seem like they'd be up for waiting.

But pumping the brakes on Nick Cannon's hormones seems more like a power play. In past relationships (with Mottola and Eminem, at any rate), she may not have had the upper hand for a host of reasons. But with Nick Cannon, she's a full decade older, much more established, far richer, etc and just decided to show who's the boss (like Tony Danza and Judith Light). In addition to withholding the sex, his commemorative wedding tattoo is way bigger than hers. Is that significant? We went to a bachelor party once and the commemorative t-shirts alluded to the would-be groom waiting, and it was, evidently, meant as a dig (or something so ridiculous that it could never be true, like dinosaurs). Any thoughts? Did Nick maybe make her wait as some crazy, gold digging, gigolo scheme? And we'll let the Georgia Satellites take you home:

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