5 Things To Blame On Sex And The City

A doctor says that female drunk driving is SATC's fault. What else can be blamed on the show?

sex and the city

Apparently, drunk driving has historically been a thing only guys did. But apparently, since 1998, women have started to drive on the sauce as well. And apparently, this can be blamed quite specifically on Sex and the City

At least, that's what the CBS Early Show is telling us.

In a recent health segment, the popular morning program explained that the increase in female drunk driving accidents and arrests has nothing to do with the growing acceptance of doing LOTS of things while driving (including texting and surfing the web), the slap-on-the-wrist punishments received by drunk-driving celebrities, or the possibility that women have caught up with men in many social arenas—including the drunk ones. No, rather, their medical correspondent Dr. Jennifer Ashton says we can blame this "growing trend" on what she calls "Sex and the City Syndrome."Sex And The City II Plot Predictions


As she puts it: "This is something we're seeing more and more. The social phonomenon brought about largely by shows and movies like Sex and the City is women are drinking more and more. The drink, the cosmopolitan, has had a huge comeback."

Hmmm...so we're supposed to blame a fictional show in which the characters rarely sip more than one cocktail per episode — and in which none of the characters own or drive a car — on real women plowing their SUVs into trees?

This got us to thinking about all the other things that have been blamed on Sex and the City over the years. Among our favorites:

1. Male sexual insecurity. Before Sex and the City, few programs included a full cast of female characters that talked, in depth, about the frustrations and inadaquecies of sleeping with men. After the show hit its stride, everyone from lad mag editors to academic writers began blaming the show for making men feel that their penises were too small and performances lackluster. But haven't guys always worried about these things? Size, Apparently, Matters More To Guys


2. Spending too much on shoes. Expensive shoes have always been popular amongst a certain social set. But SATC made formerly exclusive names like Manolo Blahnik recognizable, even to people in rural middle America. Did this then lead to all of them emptying out their 401Ks in exchange for $2000 pumps? We doubt it. More likely, it just meant that lots more women had more brand name words in their vocabularies.

3. Ugly clothes. Okay, this might actually be partly true. 

4. Female sexual empowerment. Many have theorized that women are happier and more fulfilled now with sex than they've ever been, and that SATC can be thanked for that. But maybe this is just a case of women reaping the benefits of the women's movement. Or maybe they just feel good about themselves in comparison to all those guys who are now worrying about their small penises


5. The systematic destruction of democracy. Oh, wait. That was actually the Bush administration. Or was it Two and a Half Men? We sometimes get the two confused.