Sex And The City II Plot Predictions

sex and the city sequel

Threesomes are boring after everything these ladies have been through.

For those of you desperate for more Sex and the City, May 28, 2010 can't come soon enough. That's when the beloved SATC II will hit theatres and loyal fans  everywhere will be reunited with their favorite foursome. Until then, we are left to stalk the streets of New York City once again, anticipating the cast and crew's next move while Manhattan turns into a Manolo playground.

What could possibly be in store for Carrie & Co. this time around? We pretty much covered it all over six seasons of sex, dating and baby mama drama. What's left for four not-so-single ladies to do now that marriage, infidelity and even more baby drama have all been accounted for? If we had to guess, we'd say the following 5 plot lines would make for a Big box office bash.

1) Mr Big's bank account goes bust. Along with the rest of Wall Street, Big suffers a major blow when his stock hits rock bottom causing him and Carrie to relocate, gasp, to Queens.

2) Miranda gets laid off and pens a blockbuster. More bad news as the economy shows no signs of rebounding and no one, not even lawyers, are immune. With Brady in kindergarten and Steve at the bar, perhaps it's Miranda's turn to write a tell-all tale?

3) Samantha dates a politician. Carrie gave it a try in Season 3 and it was oh-so-fun watching her make Washington squirm. There must be a few more politicos that can't wait to get their hands caught in the cookie jar.

4) Patricia Field dresses Michelle Obama. Not a plot line exactly but we think it will drive the press wild.

5) Smith joins the cast of Dancing With The Stars. Turns out getting dumped brings out the ballroom in all of us.