Size, Apparently, Matters More To Guys

small penis

Evidently, size isn't the the end all, be all.

Everybody Wang Chung tonight. According to a noteworthy UK rag, The Sun, the average dude wishes his dinger was an inch longer, irrespective of how big he actually is. The article, by one "Dear Deidre," mentions that the average man's gym dandy is 5.2 inches whilst at full attention (filled with blood).

Deidre goes on to give a pep talk to guys who are on the not-so-well-endowed side. Essentially, she insists that much of the self-esteem problems dudes have involve perception. But dudes on the average side don't see it that way, mostly because of all the Dirk Digglers of adult entertainment. Plus, when checking out other dudes at the gym (a YMCA I'd guess), looking down rather than looking across skews perception negatively. And that old chestnut regarding the "angle of the dangle" and "the heat of the meat" probably doesn't help matters.

Deidre goes on to say that the best lovers don't rely solely on their crotchal region for pleasing their partners, given the anatomical nature of the female fun zone. Evidently, like a lot of things, being cocksure is more important than being cockdiesel. Attitude matters more than magnitude. Really, she could have gone with one of two old nuggets: one regarding the size of a boat and the motion of the ocean, and the other emphasizing use rather than size. All in all, she's of the opinion that men are far more obsessed with trouser snake length than women are (though she said nothing of girth, which is more of a traditional showstopper).

In summary, male-enhancement pills really don't work, and you're not doing anyone any favors by obsessing about junk dimensions. It's possible, in theory, to please someone without a large penis. Despite Steve Martin's claim that the key to being successful is to "have a big penis." And to prove the point that no one wants to continually hear about size, here's an example of James Franco's inability to get over his little dingdong: