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Erotic Fiction Gets Teacher In Hot Water

hot for teacher

"Got it bad soooo bad, I'm hot for teacher." Per the Daily Mail, an educator from West Yorkshire, UK (the town of Mytholmroyd*) wrote a book of erotic fiction featuring her students. This was most disagreeable and angry-making for parents and faculty.

The genesis of the book was an earnest desire to get her students to read more (you should read more) and took suggestions regarding the subject matter. The teens, quite obviously, were interested in sex, ASBO** shenanigans and some gay stuff.

Leonora Rustamova (or Ms. Rusty, as the kids call her) self-published the sexy tomb (called Stop! Don't Read This!) on the interweb and included five of her students as characters. The passages that people seemed to find most uncomfortable compared two shirtless teens to "Mr Gay UK Finalists" and the other involved the phrase "soundtrack to gay teenage porn."

The fan fiction has since been pulled from the information super-roundabout and the 39-year old Ms. Rusty has been either sacked (or some such). Ostensibly, the possibly too-cool for school teacher is receiving discipline because the parents are quite peeved. But it's being reported that the parents of the teens involved are cool with it. And a handful of protests on Ms. Rusty's behalf have been executed.

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One issue is whether or not steamy (or seamy) literature (or film or video games) can cause teenagers to go berserk and make really bad whoopie decisions with actual people rather than their own paws. I'm guessing the impact of Stop! Don't Read This! on West Yorkshire teen sexual exploration is going to be somewhat less than that movie where the kid from Harry Potter got his v-card punched. Or roughly equivalent to the effect that Sex: How To Do Everything has on teens in Holt, Michigan (depending, probably, on the value of the Pound to the Dollar). And the other, far weightier issue is whether or not it's appropriate for a teacher to include her students in a work of fiction much less a work of semi-erotic to erotic literature. Not to be a fuddy-duddy-McGillicuddy, but it is a little on the inapprobes side. A stern warning probably would have nipped this in the biscuits though.

*Surprising, Hobbits do not live in Mytholmroyd, but Ted Hughes, husband of Sylvia Plath, was born there.

**Anti-Social Behaviour Order: legal reprimands for teenage dirtbaggery.

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