Hmm, Win Top Model Or Nobel Prize?


If you could win one title only, which would it be? See how 2,000 women voted.

Oxygen, a television network geared toward women, recently polled 2,000-plus women ages 18 to 24 to get a snapshot view of how young women view themselves and  what values they hold dear, reports Reuters. Check out some of the results:

Half of the women surveyed voted that, if he were a millionaire, they would  marry an ugly man.

More than 25 percent said they'd make their best friend fat for life if it meant they could be thin.

Asked if they would rather win Tyra Banks' television show America's Next Top Model or the Nobel Peace Prize in their lifetime, 25 percent chose the fashion-runway crown.

Yet, when not involving an either/or proposition, friendship ranked of high value among the women: 88 percent voted that they would happily give up their cell phones, makeup and jewelry to save a friendship.

And there was no lack of kindness: nearly 75 percent of the women said that they'd shave their heads to save the life of a stranger.

The findings do reveal a bit about the self-image young women have and what's most important to them. But we'd have to say that some of these questions are rather...limiting. We mean, why can't we encourage women to aim to be the whole package, with the brains and the looks? And really, why must she settle for a man who is either hot or successful, why can't she go for a man who is both? Really though, we're just glad it was the friendship question that got 88 percent of the vote and not the Top Model vs. Nobel Peace Prize question. We'll take that...for now.