This Type Of Woman Has The Best Sex And Orgasms (Congratulations!)

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Hairy Women Have More Hot Sex AND Better Orgasms

For those of you ladies whose arms, upper lips, stomachs, thighs and other frustratingly hairy body parts require constant maintenance, there IS an upside!

Yes, hairy women might have to shave, wax and pluck more often than our more fair-haired sisters, but ...

Research reveals that hirsute ladies have better sex and orgasm more easily than their more naturally bare-skinned counterparts.

Apparently, all of our bodies have two types of hair: vellus and terminal.

Vellus hair is fine, non-pigmented and unresponsive to hormones. Terminal hair, on the other hand, is generally long, coarse, dark and changes based on fluctuations in our hormone levels.

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So, that unfortunate mustache post-menopausal women often battle is terminal hair growing wild and free on hormones.

How does this relate to sex, you ask?

According to an article in the Times of India, the connection is all about testosterone:

"Since hirsute women have higher levels of testosterone, both the clitoris and the G-spot are thought to respond to the hormone. Women capable of orgasm during penetrative sex have a thicker tissue area in the region between the vagina and the urethra, meaning it's now easy to medically tell the difference between the lucky 'cans' and the 'can-nots.'"

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Given that many women find themselves unable to orgasm from intercourse alone, an entire industry has developed around the creation of gels, shots and tips aimed towards trying to make them happen.

But of course, higher levels of testosterone aren't the only factor that determines how likely women are to enjoy hot sex and easy orgasms. Painful conditions like vulvodynia can make sex in and of itself virtually impossible for some women.

In the meantime, rock on with your bad, sexy and orgasmic selves, hairy women!