What Your Body Type Says About How Good You Are In Bed

According to science, that is.

different body types

Although I try not to judge a book by its cover, as a human being I’m totally guilty of doing so all the time (and come on, you are too).

For example, I see a tough guy with a bunch of tattoos and my instant thought is "killer in bed,” while I have friends who think the same when they see a middle-aged George Constanza type.

It takes all kinds, I guess.

So, in all this judging and speculating of others, can our body type say a something about our sex skills? Well, if we go by science, yes it can.


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How good are you in bed? Find out what your body type says.

If you’re curvy...

Biologically speaking, a curvy woman, especially if those curves include big hips, tend to be really open-minded in bed.

A study out of the University of Leeds found that women with large hips are more prone to one-night stands and casual NSA hookups and are more open to experimenting sexually.

The thought here is that those hips go hand-in-hand with the procreation, so when it comes to sex, curvy ladies rule the school.

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If you’re short...

I once had a guy friend tell me he loved sleeping with short girls because their compactness allowed them to do things that taller women can’t and it’s easier to have sex in more places.

As a shorty myself, I tend to agree. But from a scientific perspective, shorter women also have a lower center of gravity meaning they have awesome balance, making tricky positions as simple as pie.

If you’re tall....

Although a study found that both men and women with long legs are, on the surface, perceived as sexy and healthy, once they get into bed it’s not always fireworks.

This isn’t to suggest that their technique is bad, but tall women don’t have the opportunity to be tossed around in bed or can easily have a quickie in a public place.


This can be a bit of a hassle, especially if the woman is taller than the person she's having sex with.

If you’re chubby...

According to Nobel Prize-winning geneticist James Watson, women who are chubby are more likely to enjoy sex than thin women.

As the man who discovered the structure of DNA, he firmly believes that from a biological standpoint the more fluff a woman has, the better her personality and the better she'll be in bed.

Why? Because all that fat boosts endorphins which increase sexual desire and prowess, making fat girls killer in the sack.

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If you’re skinny....

Unlike their chubby counterparts, skinny people do not have a boost in endorphins; therefore, based on geneticist James Watson, they’re not so great in bed.


However, another study found that men perform best when they’re in bed with a woman who has a thin waist, so that’s something.

If you have small breasts....

Although society likes to put emphasis on big breasts being all the rage, the reality is that women with small breasts get a lot out of sex and foreplay.

Why? Because smaller breasts are more sensitive than big breasts. So much stimulation! And the more stimulated she is, the more of a hellcat she is in bed!


If you’re busty...

A 2013 study found that women with large breasts are smarter than women who don’t have such big breasts.

Although bigger breasts are 24 percent less sensitive than small breasts are, the fact that those of us with a big rack have a higher IQ means we’re smart enough to know how to get exactly what we want out of sex.

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