Economy Influences Pubic Hairstyles

Economy Influences Pubic Hairstyles

Pubic hair. We've all got it, and chances are we all maintain it somehow, whether by waxing or shaving or with a simple trim. Some women groom according to their own preference, some tidy it to their guy's predilection, still others primp for what they think the dating masses desire. According to Lisa Germinsky at Salon, our hair-down-there styling is determined, at least in part, by the economy. 

One spa owner Germinsky spoke had this to say: 

The new rule of thumb is: When you lift your leg, there shouldn't be any hair below the crease. Keep it clean in the back. And in the front, trim the hair right before its natural curl.

Waxing can get expensive, especially if you take it all off. Spas that Love Buzz has visited charge between $50 and $80 for a full Brazilian, and an average of $30 for a regular bikini wax. (For the uninitiated, a Brazilian typically means going completely bare—some leave a tiny "landing strip" up top—including removing the hair on the lips and around the anus, while a regular bikini way usually includes just the hair that would peek out from your bathing suit bottom.) In these days of joblessness and money worries, spending a fortune to keep your pubes in line might seem a little excessive—or at least a sensible place to cut back on spending. 

Germinsky finds pro-bush opinions in everyone from Bill Maher, ("'I just want a friendly, fuzzy calling card that tells me I'm not going to get arrested.'") to Playboy ("'It started [in the '80s] with trimming and a landing strip, in part a reflection of the skimpier swimsuits. Then it went further to tiny patches, then to none at all. Now, the pendulum is swinging a little the other way.'") to herself ("In recent months, I've longed for the fuller landscape of yesteryear."). 

What about you, reader? What's your pubic hair preference? And has it been affected by your wallet, or by the changing times, or nothing at all? Let us know! 

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