What Do Men Think About Bikini Waxing?

What Do Men Think About Bikini Waxing?

Do guys like the bikini zone smooth, sculptured, or any way they can get it?

Like stilettos and diet soda, we claim we only do it for ourselves.  But who are we kidding? No one wants to have their pubic hair ripped out by the root. So does it really amp up your sex appeal or is the pain in vain? We asked men: "What do you think about bikini waxing?"

"I don't need Brazilian, just keep it tidy. I don't want to go there to visit if I have to hack through the bushes."
--John, 36 Actor

"Go smooth or go home."
--Joe, 36, Attorney

"It's hot. Nice to put out the effort."
--John, 32, Professor

"I prefer hairless or a little strip."
--Andy, 32, Police officer

"It doesn't matter to me one way or the other."
--Marc, 38, Child psychologist

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