Should Your Man Pay For Your Bikini Wax?

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In The Hairpin's Ask a Dude column recently, an advice-seeker brought up this hairy situation: who should pay for your bikini wax? She thinks the man asking for it should, writing "I always think guys should be paying for the Brazilians if they want their ladies to have them. Is that insane?"

Well, is it? The Hairpin's Dude is somewhat open to it, writing that if money is tight, "I wouldn't necessarily push the idea that he pay for it right off the bat, as that might make you seem a little bit rude/crazy, but I think you definitely could try to bring it up organically."

I've never asked a guy to pay for a wax and don't really find it appropriate, in the same vein that I wouldn't ask him to reimburse me for razors and shaving cream. But not all ladies agree with me. One girl friend started to make her guy foot the bill for her waxes—something she does very begrudgingly—shortly after they started dating, rationalizing that he should have to pay for her suffering and his pleasure...yikes! Another said that if she waxed, she'd do the same, "assuming that I'd ever be willing to do that if someone asked." Another thinks her method of going Dutch is fair, since both parties reap the benefits. But is it really about the money—or power? After all, we don't fax our receipts over to our boyfriends when we buy a new date outfit or cute lingerie—right? Seems like some ladies are making dudes pay for their grooming in cash when they really want to make them "pay for it" in the you'll-rue-the-day sense. What Do Men Think About Bikini Waxing?

A little surprised at their ballsiness—and a little skeptical that guys are cool with this arrangement, I asked around. Surprise: they're not that cool with it. "Just because one member has a preference doesn't mean they are the one required to foot the bill for it," one guy—my ex—said. Relationship expert Abraham Lloyd agreed, saying "I don't think a guy should have to pay for appearance. Money is such a vehicle and tool for control, and a woman asking me to pay is a complete turn-off; even if it's for me/my benefit." And if she didn't want to pony up the cash, no problem: "If I asked a woman to wax, and she said no, she didn't like it, I'd respect that." (Hear that, ladies? I'll be organizing wax strip burning if you need me.) Is Your Man Too Girly?

Tell us: Have you ever asked a guy to pay for your bikini wax—and would you be willing to pay for his grooming?

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