Top Eight Love Slogans That Lie

Are love and romance invented by advertisers?

Top Eight Love Slogans That Lie

"What you call love was invented by guys like me, to sell nylons,"Ad Man Don Draper says in the first season of Mad Men. But which actually came first: the slogan or the sentiment?

All bets are off when it comes to the chicken or the egg, but we do know that advertisers play a huge role in crafting and grossly inflating our romantic expectations. Tango sets the record straight on eight slogans that lie about love before ad men set us all up for disappointment.


Slogan 1: "Wine is a little like love; when the right one comes along, you know it."
Advertiser: Bolla Wines
Love Expectation: You'll know if a person is right or wrong for you, right away.
Tango's Take: If you're waiting around for foot-popping kisses and fireworks overhead, prepare to be lonely for the long haul.

Slogan 2: "Believe"
Advertiser: Yahoo Personals
Love Expectation: Finding love is a simple matter of faith.
Tango's Take: If belief alone could get you a first date, it certainly wouldn't get you a second. Assume that fate doesn't do house calls, and take your fate into your own hands– even if you do keep your fingers crossed.


Slogan 3: "Every kiss begins with Kay."
Advertiser: Kay Jewelers
Love Expectation: Jewelry buys affection.
Tango's Take: Ah, nothing's more refreshing than suggesting that love can be bought. Call us old-fashioned, but we still uphold that "love don't cost a thing." Thank you JLo.

Slogan 4: "Say it with flowers."
Advertiser: FTD (Interflora)
Love Expectation: Flowers speak louder than words; a shower of gifts indicates sincerity.
Tango's Take: Say it with words, and we'll still take the flowers.

Slogan 5: "Nothin' says lovin' like somethin' from the oven."
Advertiser: Pillsbury
Love Expectation: Feeding your SO is the best way to show him or her that you care.
Tango's Take: Love (noun): Feeling manufactured by an animated man of dough. Er, we hope not. And what era are we in, again? We'll bet that baking isn't the only way to say "lovin'."

Slogan 6: "The one and only."
Advertiser: Cheerios
Love Expectation: You should commit yourself to one person. And only one.
Tango's Take: Honey Nut? Yogurt Burst? Multigrain? Frosted? You've got a lot of explaining to do. As for love, monogamy may appear as the norm, but it is certainly not without exception. Check out Marriage Without Monogamy and Portrait of an Open Marriage.


Slogan 7: "What happens here stays here."
Advertiser: Las Vegas
Love Expectation: If you are away from your partner, it's okay to be unfaithful.
Tango's Take: Betray your partner's trust in one city and you'll lose it in every other.

Slogan 8: "A diamond is forever."
Advertiser: DeBeers
Love Expectation: The commitment that comes with the rock is forever.
Tango's Take: Divorcees? Speak now, or forever hold your peace. While a diamond may indeed last forever (or at least over four billion years), commitments may not always last as long.