16 Tiny Tattoos With BIG Meanings


Little things mean a lot!

You’ve probably heard the saying, the smallest things can make the biggest impact. It means that the tiniest gestures can make the largest differences. It’s usually applied to global problems or big life problems, but works just as perfectly with tattoos.

Getting a tattoo can seem like a huge commitment. It goes on your body, so you’ll be seeing it all the time. A tattoo is like a permanent reminder of something — whether it’s something lost, something gained, a special friendship, or just a little something to remind you to be good to yourself and bring a little joy into your life everyday.

So if you’re going to take on this commitment, it’s important to get the design you really want. Something that speaks to you. Plus, those things can be a pain to get removed — literally.

Keep in mind, bigger doesn’t always mean better in this case. Small tattoos can have just as much significance and meaning as their larger counterparts — sometimes even more. 

Tiny tattoos are really quite beautiful. They’re subtle, yet powerful. These miniature designs can carry deep messages. One little symbol can stand for big things like strength, freedom, honor, family, joy, love, etc.

Big tattoos aren’t for everyone. Sometimes we want a little something that means a whole lot. A small tattoo could be exactly what you’re looking for. 

Get inspired with some of these lovely small tattoo ideas. They show that the best things definitely do come in the smallest packages.

Element of Air
small tattoo ideas

A triangle with a line through the top symbolies "air," the element of intelligence, creativity, and beginnings.

Crescent Moon
small tattoo ideas

You're done with the negative energy in your life and want to keep only positive vibes. Like this half moon tattoo, you're ready to grow and rid yourself of anything harmful in your life.

Paper Crane
small tattoo ideas

You're laid back and perfectly content with letting the wind glide you along wherever your journey takes you next. This beautiful paper crane symbolizes peace and will match your carefree personality.

small tattoo ideas

Your love and appreciation for nature runs deep. This seashell tattoo is a reminder of your passion for the protection of all life.

small tattoo ideas

Nothing will bring a little joy into your life quicker than the pleasing sound of a chirping bird. This bird tattoo is a signal that you're looking forward to the new opportunities and joys that lie ahead.

Quill And Ink
small tattoo ideas

You eat, sleep, and breathe writing. This tattoo is a sweet little reminder of your most favorite passion.

small tattoo ideas

The leader of a group of elephants is always an older female who fiercely protects and guides the young. This tattoo reminds you of the powerful, loyal woman with deep family values that you are.

small tattoo ideas

Life cannot exist without the sun. This tattoo is a little daily remembrance of how important you are and the difference you can make.

Deer With Antlers
small tattoo ideas

Your experiences have only made you stronger. Evoke the essence of your inner — and outer — strength with this deer with antlers tattoo.

small tattoo ideas

No matter what happens — you can never be broken. Your spirit is indestructible just like this bundle of arrows.

Flock Of Birds
small tattoo ideas

Nothing encourages the celebration of freedom more than a flock of birds. This tattoo will remind you that nothing can hold you down.

small tattoo ideas

You've been through a lot in your life. This diamond tattoo will remind you that your spirit is unbreakable.

Two Triangles
small tattoo ideas

The triangle can represent many things. Pointing up it symbolizes femininity, and pointing down, masculinity. 

Two Arrows Pointing Up
small tattoo ideas

You always look for ways to have a brighter future. Keep looking forward with these tiny arrows to point you in the right direction.

Palm Tree
small tattoo ideas

The palm tree is a symbol of androgyny and balance, possessing an equal mix of male and female characteristics.  

small tattoo ideas

Love is the most important thing in your life. You live for the love of your family, friends, and passions. A tiny heart will remind you how big your heart is.




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