3 Zodiac Signs Who May Fall Out Of Love On June 19 During Moon Trine Saturn

Why can't we be friends?

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There comes a time in many a relationship when the negatives begin to outweigh the positives, and while neither party ever really wants to own up to that truth, well, you know how the truth is ... it has a way of surfacing no matter what happens. On June 19, 2023, many couples will face the idea that what we want is clearly not what will happen as we watch our love lives fall apart due to one obvious problem: we can't love each other. We might have tried and even pretended that this 'love' of ours is indeed the real deal, but during the astrological transit of Moon trine Saturn, it's a solid NOPE on that front.


The transit, Moon trine Saturn, is somewhat of a truth-teller or revealer. We can't deny the truth we feel during this transit, especially regarding love. Love presents us with so many ideals that when we sincerely try to achieve this ideal, we fall flat on our faces when we realize that our hearts aren't into it.



Love takes a lot out of us, and so much of it is in the commitment of it all. We don't just pull out of love because that's how hearts are broken, and nobody WANTS to be the person who breaks someone's heart. However, when two people don't love each other, what's the point of sticking it out? It's not as if suddenly 'someday' the love will just happen. Still, even if it did, it won't happen for the three zodiac signs mentioned below.


On June 19, 2023, we must admit something to ourselves; it won't be easy. Not only are we not in love with the person we're with, but we fully acknowledge that they do not love us either. This puts us in a position of action. We must do something about this because stagnation can only take us down. What we may feel, however, is dread. It isn't easy to admit this, but knowing the truth is the first step in setting ourselves free. Which zodiac signs will know their love affair is a no-love affair during Moon trine Saturn?

Three zodiac signs who may fall out of love and end relationships on June 19, 2023: 

1. Gemini

(May 21 - June 20)

You feel you've spent too much time trying to improve your life and understand what must be done to be happy. You have set your priorities, and as life progresses, you finally feel that if you stay on course, you'll be able to have the life you've always dreamed of. What's upsetting is that on June 19, 2023, you'll have the transit of Moon trine Saturn above you, and this transit will shine the light on something that needs to be seen. 

You are not in love with the person you are with, and they are no longer in love with you. None of this surprises you, although the two of you have tried to ignore this, thinking that somehow a miracle would happen, and BAM, you'd both feel differently. Well, that won't happen, and you both know it. On this day, you realize you are in a loveless relationship.


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2. Leo

(July 23 - August 22)

So, here we are, where the negatives not only outweigh the positives in the love relationship that you're in but that both parties no longer seem even to be interested in each other. Ah, what started so alive, so on fire with passion and love, has turned into a mockery of itself, and neither of you is happy with the state of it. You have both shut this truth out for too long, and that truth states that neither of you feels love for the other anymore

This becomes very clear during Moon trine Saturn. On June 19, 2023, you'll experience the sadness that comes with knowing that no matter how hard you try, you simply can't fall in love again with the person you hardly even care for. How it happened is beside the point. All that's left is the relationship, which comprises two people who no longer care. What to do? What to do?


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3. Sagittarius

(November 22 - December 21)

You might tell yourself that you'll 'always love that person, no matter what,' but the truth is 'that person' is someone you want to be far away from because you're just plain sick of them. What adds fuel to the fire is that they are just plain sick of you, too. During the transit of Moon trine Saturn, emotions such as these come into the light. This transit doesn't mess around. It gets straight to the point and lets us see that we can't stop kidding ourselves any longer.


Maybe the relationship has just seen its day, and now that day is over. You can't deny that on June 19, 2023, you will know that neither of you feels the love that once was, and more ... it's not coming back. This book has finally come to its last page, and while a tear may come to your eye, you know it's time to put it down now.

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