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Your coach, Philip G. Rochford’s goal-oriented and driven life has accounted for not only his extensive local and international experience but also his holistic professional training and qualifications.

I help clients to clarify their dreams and vision. My framework using the acronymn "VIRTUAL" establishes for them a clear structure to follow. Also, by asking them discerning but answerable questions, I draw our from them theintuitive answers that they have within themselves. In this way, the clients take ownership of the way forward and can hold themselves accountable for achieving intended results.

Over 40 years of corporate experience has given Philip G. Rochford the foundation for starting formal Life Coaching in 1993 after his retirement, and has since coached hundreds of clients. Landmark Education Corporation (USA) provided him practical coaching, through their training courses of The Forum, Communication I & II, Commando Communication, and The Wisdom Course. As a coach Philip has been supported by international coaches such as Mike Litman, Glen Dietzel, Scott Armstrong, Philip Humbert, Christy Whitman, and Andrew Neitlich, Founder and Director of the The Center for Executive Coaching.

Rochford’s coaching niche is business owners, chief executives, senior executive management, and professionals.

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