How To Create The Future Life You Want

Challenge yourself or you will not grow. Set a goal that stretches you but not an impossible dream.



If you want to go to your next higher level of achievement you need to change the picture of yourself. To change the picture, you have to set new challenging goals. Define your future clearly. Specify your story of what you will be or do, if you want to succeed.
        Unless you challenge yourself, you will not grow. You have to move beyond your comfort zone. One way to achieve this is to set a 60-day challenge. Decide on one critical area that you want to impact, and set a challenging goal for that shift. Ensure that this challenge can be reflected in measurable terms, so that you can assess how successful you are.



Your future can be bright. It is all up to you. Every person, without exception, is capable of success. Whatever thoughts you have about yourself powerfully set the stage for what happens to your life. Your thoughts may be uplifting and nurturing or they may be toxic and destructive. No one is perfect.
        We all have strengths in some areas and weakness in other areas. Focus on your strengths. Build on your advantages. Put your attention on what you have and get the best from it. Do not concentrate on what is missing in your life. Use what you have, where you have it, when you can use it. Count your blessings. Cherish them one by one.



What I have come to realize is that as long as there is breadth in your body, you still have a lot to learn. Life is so complete and complex, that life is always one step ahead of you. Our finite mind cannot comprehend the Infinite in all its splendor and grandeur. You are a very special person. What people think of you and what they think of the possibilities of your dreams are not important. It is their business. While people are reading history, some people are making history. Be a history maker. Be imaginative and be creative of the picture you have of yourself. Have a larger vision of yourself. Let today be the dawn of your new success.

        There is a treasure within you. Be a treasure hunter. Find your treasure, nurture it, and cherish it. Have a dream. Live your dream and dream on. Be the success that you have been created and designed to be. Live the life you want by being in constant awareness of what you are thinking, speaking and doing.



You have a map that guides your life. It is internal to your being, and is sometimes called “your internal map of reality.“ It is called your inner map of reality because you use it as the truth for your living moment by moment.
        Most of the views expressed in this article are not new to you. However, sometimes I present them from a new angle. Anyway, you will only warm to those ideas that fit with your internal map of reality. That map was created from the experiences, joys, hurts, trauma, and exhilaration that you have tasted in your journey from the womb to the present time.
        It is natural for the mind to think, analyze, follow logic, and be caught up in dilemma and complexity. However, often you lose sight of the fact that the mind is only a tool, and it is not your essence. The mind structures your internal map of reality to take account of your premier relationship, which is safety in the family.
        Your views, values, concerns, hopes, aspirations, vision, and creative spirit are all nurtured, and at the same time destroyed, in the crucible of the family relationship. This is a formation that takes place quite automatically, and often without any formal structure. Thus, you need to become more conscious of your core values, and live in harmony with them.


Your DNA is designed to strive for greater accomplishment. Therefore, You will always have the aspiration to be more than you are at present. However, the difficulty is that fear, procrastination, and remaining in your comfort zone mesh to stop you from realizing your dreams.
        To break this cycle of restraint you need to clearly understand what are your main reason or reasons for wanting this changed life. The stronger the reasons, the easier will it be to resist the distractions and barriers to the attainment of success. Have a larger vision of yourself. You have to be bigger than the critics. Persistency, constancy, and massive appropriate action are the underpinnings to create your amazing future.


Author: Philip G. Rochford, Author & Professional Certified Coach (ICF)