5 Steps That Will Easily Improve Your Life And 'Awesomeness'

You know what to do to achieve your goals, yet you do not follow through. Why? You permit distractions, obstacles, barriers, and negative persons to obstruct your progress and diminish your confidence. You have to keep doing what needs to be done despite difficulties; proper practice makes perfect.

If you want to build a house, it will help if you have a house plan designed. Your life is much more important than a house, so you should have a framework that will serve as a plan for your success journey.

Here's 5 steps to develop and maintain your awesomeness:

1. Act on your priorities. There are many things in your life that interest you, but there are only 24 hours in a day. Also, your energy is limited, as well as your financial and other resources. Thus, an important key is to determine exactly what you want to accomplish, and ensure that your continuous activities are in harmony with such results.

For every activity you intend to pursue, on a daily basis ask yourself whether such action will support achievement of your priority aims. If it is not in alignment, then do some other activity that is in alignment with your priority. What you think about continuously becomes the source of your life.

2. Optimize your energy. Whatever you do saps your energy. Moreover, you need to take action to maintain and improve your energy. Without your physiology being intact, your effectiveness to achieve your life's goals will be reduced.

To strengthen the base of your energy, get sufficient sleep of 6 to 8 hours daily, drink potable water of 8 to 10 glasses daily, maintain a balanced diet, and follow an exercise plan suitable to your physical and health conditions.

3. Think for growth and prosperity. Your life is governed by the impulses of your mind. These impulses convert to thoughts that in turn become action, that in time become habits and form your life. To access your awesomeness, you have to develop your innate potential. Your potential is manifested as you grow in mind, body, and spirit.

Accordingly, you must be a life-long learner. Knowledge is increasing every day, and technology is progressing relentlessly. You must therefore have a plan and strategy to keep relevant in your field and in the advance of society generally.

4. Live your faith. Your life has to be governed by principles, either consciously or unconsciously. To be the best expression of yourself you must have a belief in yourself. Your self-confidence is critical, and also belief that what you want or aspire to is achievable. You have to be true to yourself—be authentic. Never give up. Be courageous. You have the power to express your awesomeness.

5. Communicate with clarity and empathy. Life would be impossible without communication. What you think and feel has to be communicated for others to know of it; your values and aspirations have to be communicated.

To capture and manifest your awesomeness, you must communicate simply and with clarity. If the message is garbled, your intention will not be properly understood. Moreover, you must take account of the level of consciousness of the listener in relation to what you are communicating. This requires you to act with empathy to be fully effective. Communication is so essential that there is the adage, "Communicate or die."

Think, communicate, act, be fulfilled, happy and joyous.