About Lanae St.John, ACS

I am a San Francisco Bay Area Sexologist, Parenting & Relationship Coach, and Sex Educator. I've earned a BS in Psychology and a certificate in Women’s Studies from UW-Madison as well as completed the Masters and Doctorate degrees from the Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality. I teach Human Sexuality to college students at City College of San Francisco, write a blog as “The MamaSutra” and recently completed a manuscript for a parenting book about human sexuality. My foundation for teaching starts with The 5 Building Blocks to a Healthy Sexuality - communication, consent, respect, pleasure, and fantasy.

A Board Certified Sexologist (American College of Sexologists, A.C.S.), Dr. Lanae is also a member of SSSS, AASECT, & ISSWSH.  Lanae is the proud mother of two daughters with whom she actively embodies her message of empowerment, freedom of expression, and a sex and body-positive mentality.




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