About Kelley Chappell

Hi, I am Dr. Kelley Chappell, an award winning Professor, Author, International Speaker, Dating and Relationship Coach for Women with 20 + years of experience. 

I am here to help you love yourself, love your life and truly be Happy in Love. My new book, Happy in Love: A Woman's Step by Step Guide to Love, Attraction, Dating and Relationships was just released in February and you can find it at www.HappyinLove.com or Amazon.com.

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Book Description

Have you ever longed for love and connection? Do you dream of being loved, appreciated and understood?

Happy in Love will help you make a lasting change about how you feel about yourself, attract the man of your dreams or transform your current relationship and effortlessly enjoy the positive, loving relationship you deserve.

In Happy in Love, you will learn how to:

• Love yourself
• Believe that you are worthy of love
• Become magnetically attractive
• Easily attract the man of your dreams
• Use the Law of Attraction to attract a man who is truly right for you
• Treat yourself with love and respect so that men will treat you with love and respect
• Form a lasting connection with a man
• Transform your current relationship
• Effortlessly maintain a positive, loving relationship
• Make a lasting change in how you feel about yourself that will help you to be Happy in Love for Life

And so much more...

It is a 125 pages, packed full of information.

Here is what other women have had to say about Happy in Love.

“The difference between Dr Kelley Chappell’s approach and many other experts on the topic is that Kelley focuses on who we are and what we want, rather than persuading us to portray or mold ourselves into what we imagine a man is looking for. We are encouraged to be authentic and to treat ourselves with respect and love as we search for the characteristics in a man who is just right for us”.

“I love it!! Dr Kelley Chappell really sets herself apart from the other relationship experts. From the moment I clicked on her website, I felt at home and that I wasn’t alone in how I have been feeling. Not only will your man say, “Kelley Chappell, where have you been all my life!?” Thousands of single women will too!”

Soon, I will be releasing the Happy in Love Relationship Mastery Course and an Advanced Program on Using the Law of Attraction in Love. I offer a monthly Happy in Love membership  for only $9.97 a month. Each month members get a new relationship audio and they get the chance to participate in a Members' Only Private Group Coaching Call with Me and Ask Me Questions. The Happy in Love membership gives you the ongoing, consistent support and encouragement you need to become happy in love and stay happy in love. I also provide Individual and group coaching. I use a unique combination of principles related to positive psychology, happiness, optimism, success and the Law of Attraction to help you  be Happy in love.

In my Happy in Love book and programs, I offer you an easy, almost effortless solution that will transform your love life regardless of your current relationship circumstances. It doesn’t matter if you are single, dating, married or in a relationship. It doesn’t matter if you have been through a recent divorce, or you have been through a bad break-up or you are in a difficult relationship right now.  The solution is to love yourself, love your life and to actively choose to be happy in love. I  walk you through the step by step of how to do this so that you can immediately transform your love life and have the positive loving relationship that you deserve.

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