Love Yourself So Others Can Love You

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If you truly love yourself, then other people will love you.

If you truly love yourself, then other people will love you. This article is going to show you five steps that you can take to love yourself and inspire men to love you.

Step # 1: Think Good Things about Yourself

It is your attitude about yourself that everyone will adopt. You determine how others think about you, how they feel about you and how they treat you. You must love and respect yourself if you want other people to love and respect you. Focus on all the wonderful, positive qualities that are in you. Deliberately shape your thoughts about yourself by using affirmations or a journaling technique. How you think about yourself determines how you feel about yourself.

Step # 2: Feel Good About Yourself

Do whatever you can to feel good about yourself. When you feel good and you are happy, you radiate a light that shines and naturally attracts other people. Your feelings create that “vibe” or the energy that you put out into the universe which determines the kind of people you attract to yourself and how they feel about you. The very instant you shift how you feel about yourself is the instant that you shift your relationship reality and this will change how other people see you and how they treat you. Any woman can learn to feel good about herself and become magnetically attractive. The most important thing is how you feel about yourself.

Step 3: Encourage Yourself

This is about how you talk to yourself. Tell yourself the same positive encouraging, supportive things that you would tell your best friend. Be your own best friend. Tell yourself all the reasons why you can do something or why you do deserve something. Be gentle to yourself if things don’t go exactly as planned. Tell yourself everything is going to be Okay. Learn to flow with life, secure in the knowledge that life is unfolding in a step by step way and that everything really is going to work out better than you can even possibly imagine!

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