Attracting The Love Of Your Life

Attracting the Love of Your Life

The Law of Attraction says that “Like Attracts Like”. Your own thoughts, feelings and actions create your relationship reality. Let me show you how to use the “Law of Attraction” to attract  the man of your dreams .

Step 1: Develop Your Love Mindset
The first step to attracting the man of your dreams is to develop a “Love Mindset”. You have to believe in love, believe you are worthy of love and believe you deserve to be Happy in Love. The type of men you will attract when you are feeling low and negative are not the type men you will attract when you are feeling good about yourself. Do what it takes to feel good about yourself and to adopt positive beliefs about love and relationships.

Step # 2: Make a Relationship Intention List
Get completely clear about the kind of relationship that you want. Make a detailed list of all the qualities you want in a partner. Get very specific about how you and your partner will “fit” together. Don’t leave anything out. It is not about finding a man with “a sense of humor” it is about finding a man who shares your sense of humor. It is about how the two of you will fit together. Describe how the two of you will interact with each other and how the relationship will feel. You have got to be completely clear about what you want. If you want to get married and have children say this. If you want a partner who is free from major family responsibilities and wants to create a fresh new life with you, say so.

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Here are some examples of specific items.
I am attracting a man who is a perfect “Fit” for me.
My perfect man is a man that wants love, connection and a positive, loving, exclusive, committed relationship with me.
My perfect man and I both have a positive, optimistic outlook on life.
We both feel that incredible chemistry for each other and maintain this with physical connection and physical affection.
We share a deep emotional bond. The connection is incredible. We are both willing to share our very real selves with each other.
We are compatible in every way. We have similarities, we get along well and we understand each other. We enjoy the same lifestyle and we love doing the same kinds of activities together.
My perfect man loves me with all of his heart and I feel the same way about him.
See how this is different from listing 10 vague qualities? Get real with yourself and ask for what you really want because you are going to get exactly what you expect to receive.

Step 3: Generate the Feelings of Having this Relationship Now
Use affirmations, visualizations and journaling techniques to help “catch the feeling” of what it would be like to have this relationship right now. Every day, take the time to visualize your life with your perfect partner. Read over your Relationship Intention List and really “feel” the feelings of being in this relationship. Create a vision board by cutting out words and images from magazines that depict the relationship you want and pasting them on a poster board. Every day, take the time to look at the images and really get yourself into the state of feeling the feelings of having this relationship and living this life right now. Do whatever it takes to generate the feelings of having this relationship now!

Step # 4: Take Action
Your next step is to align your thoughts, feelings and actions to create what you want in your life. Don’t sit inside your house staring at your vision board, waiting for Prince Charming to come knock on your door. Take powerful actions to demonstrate what you expect to receive. Plan for Success. You are expecting to meet the love of your life, get prepared! Clean up your house, have your hair done, buy a great outfit to wear on a special date and get out and meet people. It is like the famous quote from the Kevin Costner movie, Field of Dreams,” If you build it they will come”. If you prepare for the right man to be in your life, he will arrive.

Step 5: Remember, the Law of Attraction is Always in Action
The Law of Attraction is always in action in every single moment of your life. So be intentional and get clear about the type of man you want to attract. Whatever you are thinking and feeling is creating your own experience in a relationship. If you feel unloved and unattractive you will attract people and situations that make you feel more unloved and unattractive. If you love yourself and you feel good about yourself, you will attract a man who loves you and treats you well.
In my eBook,Happy in Love,  I walk you through the step by step process of using the Law of Attraction to attract your perfect partner, share examples from my own Relationship Intention List and demonstrate that the Law of Attraction is always in action, shaping your relationship reality.

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“Love Yourself, Love Your Life and be Happy in Love”
Kelley Chappell, PhD

This article was originally published at Happy In Love. Reprinted with permission from the author.