About Kali Williams

Kali doesn’t just teach kink; she is kink.

Where many sexual educators and coaches can explain the theory or the psychological factors of kink sexuality, Kali can also speak to the practical side: she has explored and experienced every technique of the kink lifestyle herself. As a professional foot-fetishist and lifestyle dominatrix, specializing in humiliation, corporal punishment, female supremacy and TPE play, Kali knows firsthand how individualized every person’s experience of kink is – and her clients have benefited immensely from that personal approach.

Kali manages to embody two seemingly-contradictory traits as a sexuality educator: she is both empathetic and ruthless. She understands the inherent fears, desires, and uncertainties that come with kink sexuality, and she spends a great deal of time helping people become comfortable and confident with pushing their boundaries. No question is ever off-limits, and no desire is taboo. Every person who comes to Kali for guidance finds not only an educator, but a sympathetic friend who has been through every convoluted twist and turn in the world of kink, and who is happy to serve as an experienced guide.

At the same time, Kali knows that most people who come to her for education and edification on kink sexuality are looking for a little push. They want to know exactly how to do this, and they want to know that it’s okay to want that. They want to know how to be adventurous with their partners while keeping trust intact. They want all the secrets – and Kali holds nothing back. Her matter-of-fact approach and calm acceptance have made every kink practice more attainable for her clients, and Kali has received dozens of accolades from people grateful for her firm assurance that everyone curious about kink not only can pursue it – they absolutely should.

Kali’s expertise has been sought on a variety of BDSM and sexuality topics, and she has lectured at Harvard, RISD, and Brown University as well as institutions and organizations the world over. She has also been a popular speaker particularly in the Kink community, appearing at lifestyle venues including Black Rose, Fetish Flea Fair, Leather Retreat and Kink in the Carribean. A more complete list of her speaking engagements can be found here. Please see the Speaking page if you are interested in engaging Kali to speak at your next event.

Kali has devoted herself to sexual education for adults, founding the Kink Academy in 2007 and branching out to Passionate U, an education website for adults of all levels of experience. She is also the founder of the Fearless Press, which explores all aspects of the BDSM community, from everyday life to relationships to spirituality and personal style.


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