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5 Tips For Making Your Solo Sex Life Spicier

Masturbation is a healthy practice for men & women, singles & couples. It’s just as easy to fall into a rut with self-loving as with partnered sex. So when it’s time to spice up your solo sexy time, here are some tips to get you started!

1) “Dirty” Talk can be a great way to turn yourself on. It’s a great way to find out which words & phrases turn you on without anyone else listening. Don’t just think the dirty talk, say it out loud! Even if you have to whisper, it’s sexy to actually hear the sound of the word or phrase. Plus you get used to actually ‘using’ dirty talk rather than just thinking about it, so you’ll probably feel more confident (and inspired!) when you do have partner sex.

2) Switch up the “how” of your self-loving! If you usually use your hand, try a sex toy. If you usually use a sex toy, try using your hand. Either way you can introduce a variety of sex toys to keep the sensations from staying the same.

3) Get out of bed! The two most popular places for masturbation are in bed or in the shower/tub, but those aren’t the only options. If you know for sure that everyone will be out of the house for a certain period of time, try some sex self-touch in a ‘common space’ room. On the couch in the living room, sitting on a chair in the kitchen…or even the enjoy the rumble of a washer or dryer (yes, the myth is true!)

4) Try a different time of the day. A quickie with yourself in the afternoon can be a great pick-me-up! If you’re used to masturbating right before sleep or in your early morning shower, discover how sexy it can be to explore other hours of the day and night.

As you can see, self-loving doesn’t have to be the same ol’ same ol’ anymore! Knowing what turns you on, and giving yourself space to explore on your own will ensure a better sex life whether you’re single or have a special sweetie.

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