About Dr. Melissa Kalt, MD

Hi, I'm Dr Melissa Kalt, MD, a narcissistic abuse expert, Soul-driven entrepreneur, physician, author, and mother of five!   You know that feeling you get when you feel like you’re stuck in Groundhog's Day?

You muster up all the strength you have to leave one abusive relationship, only to find yourself in another.

It seems you have “narcissist target” written on your forehead. Suddenly, they’re everywhere –new friends, business partners, employees, and romantic partners. You’ve learned to spot the red flags. You’ve learned to end those relationships quickly.

Yet, you wonder what is wrong with you. You agonize over why you continue to attract one narcissist after the next, creating more trauma and drama for you to release.

Worse yet, you fear that you’re actually attracted to toxic personalities, though you can’t admit that out loud.

So, people come to me feeling like that when they’ve left the abusive relationship, they’ve completed therapy, and they’re stubborn (or savvy) enough to refuse to believe life is as good as it gets.

- They want their confidence back.
- They want their life back.
- They want to release their trauma, remove the narcissist target, and create the life of their dreams.

I help them do that – and so much more.   I am a narcissistic abuse expert -- by nature, then design.

- I am a trauma expert -- utilizing western, eastern, and energetic medicine.
- I am an award-winning author with hundred of articles and several published ebooks.
- I am a speaker, passionate to inspire others.
- I am an entrepreneur and business owner living my WHY.
- I am an award-winning physician, having worked 19 years in the medical industry.

But even more importantly...
- I am a recovering overachiever who now knows she's enough.
- I am a recovering people-pleaser who has nothing to prove -- most days ;)
- I am focused on well-being for myself and others.
- I am married to a wonderful man and have 5 amazing children.

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