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I am a Board certified sex therapist and addictions counselor, president and senior instructor at the Sex Therapy Training Institute and is an adjunct professor at Carlos Albizu University in Miami, Florida.

From prisoners to celebrities, businessmen to artists, my work has helped individuals from a multitude of backgrounds to find a better life. I employ a variety of interventions to effectively assist those seeking personal growth and an improved sense of well-being in their lives. These include cognitive-behavioral, existential, and reality therapies; trauma desensitization and reprocessing; and communication strategies that deepen interpersonal intimacy and Connection.

In conjunction with my educational and professional development, my spiritual journey has facilitated an emotional and intellectual awareness of addiction as a condition that permeates all aspects of people’s lives. In my new book, Addict America: The Lost Connection, I describe and define how addiction to intensified stimulation affects our brains and illustrates the process of disconnection from our families, friends and coworkers. On a broader scale, I explore how addiction isolates us from that higher power that binds all humanity.

Through using the concepts and interventions included in my book, I am able to help my clients develop the skills that will empower them to make great changes, regardless of whether or not they consider themselves addicts. My counseling and book helps activists, teachers, politicians and parents—all of us who desire a stronger Connection to those we love and more contentment and fulfillment in life.

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