About ME

Wendy runs the advice and relationship site Dear Wendy, which she launched in January 2010. The site, which is updated 3-4 times a day, is a place for people to pose questions about the relationship issues in their lives and get the kind of advice and feedback their best friend is probably too skeerd to give them. This site is inspired by the column of the same name, which became popular on TheFrisky.com, a lady-centric site originally owned and operated by Turner Media. The column has been featured regularly on CNN.com, and quoted and excerpted in places like “The Washington Post” and NPR.org.

When Wendy isn't blogging, she loves travel, bargain hunting, flea marketing, trying new recipes, brunch, biking, sitting on the grass in the park, gin cocktails, interior design, dive bars, karaoke, champagne, and spending time with friends and family.