10 Harsh Things Guys Notice About You In Bed (But Will Never Tell You)

Men reveal the truth about what they notice when it comes to intimacy.

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When we're having sex with someone, we are literally baring our souls to them.

Sex is one of the most intimate actions we can have with a person, and as such, it's only natural that we worry about a number of different things.

We worry if we look good to them, if they notice those odd stretch marks, or if they think we aren't good in bed.

Ever wonder what guys notice in bed? Does he really notice those little things that concern you? Here's the truth behind what guys notice in bed and whether you should be worried.


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Here are 10 things guys notice about you in bed, but will never tell you:

1. Your flaws

Yes, he sees the belly roll. Yes, he sees the stretch marks. Yes, he sees your acne. Guess what? He's not saying anything because he doesn't care about those slight imperfections. He's into you enough to have sex with you and that basically says it all. You're golden in his eyes.


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2. Your tightness

Good news, though. It's actually really, seriously rare to see a truly loose vagina. And you can improve your grip down there via Kegel exercises. So, don't sweat it — just Kegel it if you're really stressed about it.

3. Your grooming habits

This is particularly true if you are having him go down on you. At the very least, shower and have a trim down there. It'll make things more pleasurable for him and you.

4. Your reaction to their own flaws

They will notice if you run your hands over his scars or his zits. He knows, and to a point, it's pretty common to see a guy slowly begin to get very self-conscious over it. So, if you can, ignore his flaws, too. Neither of you is perfect.


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5. How into them you are

They want to know they're desired. They want to know that you want to be with them. If you look as excited as a kid who's being taken to the dentist, they'll notice and they'll withdraw from you.

6. How much you're enjoying sex

Girls take note of how much you moan, arch your back, and orgasm. They don't only notice it, though; they relish it. If you aren't making much noise or just making bored-looking faces, they will probably not want to sleep with you again.

7. If you've got any special skills

You know that amazing thing you can do with your tongue? Yes, they will notice that, adore it, and also remember it later when they're thinking of you. If you're a real rockstar in bed, make no mistake about it: they'll always treasure that memory... and try to get their way back in bed with you.


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8. Where your favorite “spots” are

Every girl is different. They'll want to know what you like to feel, where you like to be touched, and any major kinks that you might have. If you're smart, you'll make a point of showing them the ropes. They'll thank you and you'll probably get better quality sex.

9. All guys will also notice how much effort you'll make

More often than not, guys are usually stuck with girls who just don't put in much effort in bed. If you want to make yourself be amazing in bed, take the initiative and do things to please him. It's really not much that they ask for.


10. The emotions you have after sex

Guys want to feel good after sex. They crave intimacy and cuddles just like you do. So, if you're not giving that to him, don't be surprised if he doesn't feel good about sleeping with you again.

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