25 Brutally Honest Things Women Wish Men Knew About Sex

It's about more than just your technique.

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Women want hot sex. Men want hot sex. Both can give this to the other.

However, sometimes men need a little encouragement when it comes to their bedroom activities. It can be awkward, telling a guy he has to move more to the right, among other things.

There's a way we can work this out, and keeping these 25 tips in mind will help you sexy things to light up your nights. (We promise to give it back in return.)


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Here are 25 brutally honest things women wish men knew about sex: 

1. We're as happy to be there as you are

We've had some bad PR in the past that's convinced men we don't like sex, don't like to talk about it, don't look forward to it, and get disappointed when a planned seduction goes south. It's all lies.


Just as you've wanted to see us naked, feel our flesh, kiss us all over, and do all the delicious things two people can do in the dark, so have we.

2. Do unto us as you would have us do unto you

All the things you want from us (grooming, nice underwear, oral sex, attention to detail), do those for us, too. Please.

3. Foreplay isn't a speed competition 

While we're hoping you don't ever go straight for the main event (ugh, the worst), we also don't need you to attack our nether regions with so much fervor and gusto that we fear a rug burn. Also, smashing our clitoris like you would an elevator button while running late isn't pleasant for us.

4. Don't whisper

Like, ever. It's so creepy. No, really, it makes us very uncomfortable.


5. Please. Go. Much. Slower

We're begging you.

6. Say something

No one is asking you to recite a monologue here; it could be a moan here and there, or even a "You feel incredible" now and then. Just make noise, because silent sex is so freaky that we can't concentrate.

7. Give a lady a fair warning

If there's something unusual (such as a very odd shape, multiple colors, or an unusual ailment), it might be alarming. Give her a chance to prepare.

It's unfair to put your partner in a position that will make her uncomfortable just because you're afraid to mention it. A worthy partner will be supportive and understanding.

8. Remember that this isn't a porn movie

We might love your filthy mouth and a few rough moves, but we also may not. Let's get to know each other's likes and dislikes before you start re-creating your favorite RedTube.com flick.


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9. Make an effort

If you're going to invite a woman back to your place, clean your apartment. Have a bottle of wine. Put on a playlist. Wash your sheets. Wipe down your bathroom. Serving Tecate with lime juice from that plastic green bottle in fluorescent lighting will likely not work to seduce her (yes, this happened).

10. Don't pout about wearing a condom

It's not only pathetic, but it also shows you don't have much respect for anyone's health — yours or ours. If you want to have unprotected sex, get tested and prepare to be monogamous and then we can talk. 

11. Speak like a man

There are things you were told in high school and your fraternity about things that work with women that shouldn't be referenced in the adult world. Using the terminology you used back then (i.e. The Shocker) won't win you points.


12. Don't be a jerk

Logging onto Tinder while we're still at your apartment is such bad form.

13. Stop with the d*ck pics

It doesn't impress us or turn us on. In fact, we get so freaked out by the cell block mentality it took to send it, that we send it to all of our friends ... with your full name.

14. Pay attention to our responses to what you're doing

Some women prefer something along the lines of licking a spoon that has hot sauce, while others want a melting-ice-cream-cone approach. We think a little of both will work out well.

15. If you can't cuddle, don't come over

Yes, in all senses of the word.

16. Freshen up

A little cologne, breath mints, a bit of grooming, and a little lotion on the hands pre-date will go a long way.


17. Take off your socks, already

Stay awhile, jeez.

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18. Don't try to sneak in through the back entrance

We're pretty sure you want anal sex. We'll let you know if we do.

19. Stop with that tongue-in-ear thing

You did it while making out at 17, but don't do it anymore.

20. We want to move, but this isn't Cirque du Soleil 

There's a balance to be found in moving through positions. One is going to get old, five is exhausting. Try three the first time; you know which ones they are.

21. Pay attention to lighting 

Fluorescent overhead lights don't exactly enhance the mood and no woman feels sexy with that brightness overhead. Your lighting choices can impact your night.


Note: Candlelight and amber lighting are the most flattering to everyone.

22. Be courteous

Offer a glass of water. Walk her to her car, hail her a cab, or take her to brunch if you're up for it. Even if you never plan to see her again, it takes very little effort to close it out with class.

23. Don't sleep with your friends

You know better.

24. Man up

If you're not interested in continuing to see someone or are only looking for fun, let them know very clearly. The bait-and-ghost approach to sex makes you look like a common cliché.

25. We like round two

So don't fall asleep so damn fast.

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Brenda Della Casa is the author of Cinderella Was a Liar, former managing editor of Preston Bailey, a Huffington Post Blogger, and a contributor for Divalicous.