What Women Do When You Send Them A Dick Pic

Run? Scream? Close our eyes? All of the above?

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D*cks are great in practice, but let's be honest — they aren't all that sexy in pictures. No matter how many angles Josh tries to get, it's not gonna happen.

As a helpful hint, the less the better. Leave a lot to the imagination, Josh. Especially weird, grainy ones sent from a phone, when an innocent receiver least expects it. Even if someone had the best quality camera and 3D glasses to go with the picture, I still wouldn't want to see it.


Dick pics are only sexy when someone asks for them, and even then they're still kind of ugly. Men should just stick to telling us we look hot and then paying for our meals.

Sexting is a great way to feel connected to a partner when you can't be together. When pictures are changed, it shows a lot of trust. Make sure not to break that trust, and that your pictures look as good as the ones they send you.

Just like in the video down below, make sure that you take artful pictures of your package, but maybe leave the props for a different kind of picture.

We'd like to have a few words for the man who put his stuff between some bananas. And that was going to be my breakfast later. I would also like to have a few words for the gentleman who put his thing through a pizza. We should just leave food out of these kinds of things.


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If one d*ck pic virgin's 89 different reactions weren't enough to convince dudes to keep it in their pants, then hopefully these hilarious responses to multiple d*ck pics will be proof enough.

Several women are shown photos of penises presented in all sorts of peculiar ways — including one stuck through a pizza and another pierced — and filmed as they experience various levels of shock, horror, and dismay. Not a single woman in this video is pleased with what is presented in front of them. I know the feeling.

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We do feel kinda bad for the guy out there who elicited the response, "hopefully he has a good personality" from one woman. Also shoutout to the guy with the one the size of an elephant, I hope you're having a great day. I have my nose pierced and I almost passed out, and one of these men has five piercings on his schlong. I can't even imagine.

Remember men, it's not about the size of the sword but how you wield it instead. Or rather, it's not the size of the wave, it's the motion of the ocean. Either way, maybe focus on yourself for a while. The right woman will come along eventually. In the meantime, maybe don't take pictures of your junk. 

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Hilary White is a contributor to YourTango.