Worker Regrets Getting Even With His 'Incompetent' Boss After His Time Off Was Denied

Reacting in the heat of the moment isn't always the best move.

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Everyone has faced a situation in which they wish they could go back in time and change something they did. This is true for one man who learned the hard way that he should have just stayed at his job and waited things out instead of quitting in the heat of the moment.

An employee wishes they had done things differently after quitting their job to get even with their boss.

One worker posted anonymously on Reddit to share how he had once gotten revenge on his boss, only to come to regret it.


According to the employee, “I worked for the fastest-growing home security and automation company in Canada/USA a few years ago… It was a job I loved (and I regret quitting, to this day).”

The worker’s problems with his boss were there from the beginning. His boss, who he called “Vinny,” was as he described him, "a classic fulfillment of The Peter Principle (he had been promoted beyond his level of competence).”


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Initially, Vinny was slow to set up the worker’s employee profile, which would allow him to earn commissions on sales and go out to jobs on his own. The employee claimed to have lost out on a $600 commission during this time, which instead went to his team lead.

However, getting his employee profile set up was not the end of this worker’s problems. Once Vinny finally had set it up, the software within the employee profile was not working properly, causing the worker to call his support center frequently. 

“This, of course, makes me take more time to complete everything from then on,” he wrote. “So, for 4-5 days each week, I end up working 1-4 hours of overtime, when I should’ve been getting home early 90% of the time based on my workload.”


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The man's toxic boss made taking a day off almost impossible.

Already fed up with his overtime situation, things only got worse from there. After experiencing these problems for five months, the employee asked for a day off to attend a church event. Vinny responded that he could have the day off as long as he reassigned or rescheduled all of his work for the day — something that was actually Vinny’s job. 

“Despite it not being my job to do so, I managed to reschedule most of my tickets for the following week,” the worker said. There was just one problem: One of his tickets could not be rescheduled, according to Vinny, and no one was willing to take it on themselves.


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At this point, the employee had had enough.

“I left a voicemail on Vinny’s phone that I would not be coming into work the next morning and would, in fact, not be coming in at all,” the worker said. “Vinny called 20 minutes later, saying he rescheduled the ticket, I could have the day off, and begged me to at least finish out the two weeks. I told him that I’d only finish out the two weeks if I could rescind my notice. He refused, so I said, ‘Then we have nothing else to discuss.’”

It seemed like a fitting end to a nightmare job... until the employee found out what happened next.

This worker felt like they had really gotten revenge on their boss. Then, he found out that Vinny himself was fired about six weeks later. “I heard from former co-workers that he had basically been quiet quitting,” he said. “He had been building a house in another city an hour away and was basically just collecting paychecks as long as he could.”


Now, the employee was left wondering what could have been. “That job would’ve been a great career option for me,” he said. Unfortunately, it was all ruined by Vinny.



Other Reddit users agreed that the worker had made a mistake. “Seems like if you hadn’t quit, you could have ended up with Vinny or your [team lead’s] jobs,” one person said. “Why don’t you go back?” another asked.

The worker admitted that the first commenter was probably right and that he had considered returning to the job, but was following a new path after graduating from school.


Although some may simply take this worker’s story as a humorous anecdote, there is more to be learned here. Acting impulsively can feel good in the heat of the moment and this employee certainly felt satisfied quitting.

However, all actions have consequences. What might seem like a fitting choice at the moment could seem very different once you have taken the proper time to consider it. 

Often, it is better to wait it out than to take immediate action, and, by extension, revenge. You never know when a situation could change for the better. 


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