Worker Quits Her 'Toxic' Job By Leaving A Sympathy Card With Her Resignation Written Inside

She's urging others to trust themselves and not compromise their values for a job.

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Deciding to quit a job, no matter how overdue, can be stressful, scary, and emotionally challenging.

According to a recent global survey by Microsoft, 41% of all workers are thinking about handing in their notice, but actually pulling the trigger and resigning can be difficult to do.

One woman is being applauded online for the way she quit her “toxic” job. After the woman was held to an unfair expectation that none of her other co-workers experienced, she took it upon herself to exit her job in a hilarious way. 


The woman wrote her resignation letter inside of a sympathy card. 

The woman named Tanya, who worked as a dental hygienist, chronicled her actions in a video that she later posted to TikTok. Before sharing the footage, she posted a video explaining why she decided to quit her job and what finally tipped her over the edge. 

“Everybody is attending this mandatory admin work meeting this morning on Zoom from other locations,” Tanya said from her car. "And I've got to be at the office to attend the Zoom meeting."



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None of Tanya’s colleagues were expected or asked to come into the office and could work from wherever they desired. However, Tanya claimed that her bosses expected her and only her to go to the office during the remote meeting. 

Their demands clearly did not sit well with Tanya. “Let the games begin,” she said. 

In a follow-up video, Tanya revealed that she decided to quit her job on that very same day — but instead of submitting a resignation letter, she bought a sympathy card and wrote her notice of resignation inside.

“I am submitting my resignation as of end of day, December 15, 2023,” Tanya wrote. “Please forward the final records to my home address. Thanks.” She also included her office keys in the card. 




To add salt to the wound, the sympathy card also read, “Sending you so many thoughts and prayers during this difficult time.” 

Many people praised Tanya for how she left her job and for knowing what she deserved. 

“This is what legends are made of,” one TikTok user commented. “This is iconic. Congratulations!” another user wrote. “When the feeling is so strong to leave, that’s when you know for sure something fantastic is waiting for you next!” a third user pointed out. 

In another follow-up video, Tanya declared that she was finally free of her toxic job and that she would never look back. 




A week later, she updated viewers on her situation. Tanya revealed that her employers were “very speechless” upon learning that she quit. However, she claimed that her decision was bound to happen eventually. 

“Things weren’t going well,” she added. 

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Tanya reminded people that at their workplace, their bosses are not only required to evaluate their employees’ performances, but that employees have to be mindful of their bosses' performance as leaders and determine if they are fairly doing their jobs. 

“See what the long-term potential is. If there are red flags and things that come along the way, trust yourself,” she advised. 



“Have that respect to know that this [job] isn’t gonna be for you. If you see things that are gonna hold you back from your greatest potential or make you compromise your values and your integrity, don’t do it!” 


Tanya acknowledged that not everyone may have the means to walk away from a job like she did. Thankfully, in her case, she had another job lined up that begins at the end of January. 

Deciding to quit a job when you feel undervalued and treated unfairly can be a significant but empowering choice.

It can improve your mental well-being and professional reputation, and open up the possibility of exploring new career paths. 

Without the hustle of employees, most companies would crumble. Employers should make their workers feel appreciated, validate their concerns, and treat them with the utmost respect so that they never leave you with a sympathy card as a resignation letter. 


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