Worker Has ‘Resignation Ideation’ Every Day Since Asking For A Promotion And Getting A Mixed Reaction

She hoped her employer would reward all of the extra work she was doing but was disappointed by their response.

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In a TikTok video, a career content creator named Jane got rather emotional while discussing the reality of knowing your worth in the workforce when that energy is not reciprocated by your boss.

She has had 'resignation ideation' since asking for a promotion at work and getting a mixed reaction.

In a TikTok from April 2024, Jane first brought up her desire to ask for a promotion or raise at work because of how many extra projects and tasks she'd taken on that were above the responsibilities in her role. 


"There is something insane going on at my workplace right now, but essentially, I'm doing way more than I initially signed up for," Jane admitted. 

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She explained that what started off as working in a team of seven ended up becoming just one — her. And now, she has started taking on the work of others despite that not being agreed upon when she began working for the company.

"I haven't had a manager in a couple of months. I think that I have an opportunity to ask for some sort of salary change or title change," Jane continued. She inquired how she should broach the subject with her higher-ups and admitted that she'd never had to have such a conversation in past jobs.

However, in a follow-up video, Jane revealed that she asked for a promotion and was met with a response that she wasn't expecting — one that led her to consider resigning. 

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"I call it 'resignation ideation,'" she remarked. "I had my conversation. It was pretty much the reaction that you would expect. Just, 'It's not a no, but we'll get back to you.'"


Jane was told that while the company she worked for valued growth, it wouldn't necessarily be the kind she was expecting. She wanted her pay to reflect the amount of work that she was doing, and instead of listening and commending her for picking up the slack of others, she was met with resistance and a lousy excuse.

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A vast majority of employees feel that they're being underpaid at work.

According to a poll by FinanceBuzz, around 48% of Millennials reported that they feel underpaid, as do 40% of both Gen Z and Gen X and 42% of Baby Boomers. Still, many people are scared to ask for a promotion or raise.

It can be quite daunting to approach your employer about compensation, especially when you're uncertain about the response you'll receive. There's also a fear that expressing any discomfort or aversion to the responsibilities and wages you're being paid will end up creating friction or damage the relationship that you have with an employer.


However, advocating for fair compensation should never be a sore spot, especially when you're putting in the work and going above and beyond to complete projects and tasks that maybe aren't expected of you. According to LinkedIn,56% of workers don't ask for a promotion, but 72% of managers want employees to take initiative. 

You won't know until you ask. And if the answer you receive isn't what you hoped, like in Jane's case, there's nothing wrong with deciding to quit and finding a company that values and appreciates your work ethic. 

It may take time to find that environment, but it's important to prioritize yourself and your time before all else.


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