1 In 5 Women Are Obsessed With This Item (Take Note, Guys!)

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Shoes! What else is there to say? All women need them but some women love them. 

You can blame Carrie Bradshaw for being a terrible influence and blowing her checks on Jimmy Choos or just about every female celebrity rocking red-bottom Louboutins, but either way, a lot of women have caught the shoe bug — bad.

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Here are five reasons women — and even some men — are obsessed with shoes:

1. They're a turn-on

Women's obsession with footwear has gone so far that they are now getting turned on by them! According to a recent survey given by, one in five women get more aroused by new shoes than their significant others. Perhaps it's the intoxicating smell of leather or the fact that they will complete that special outfit, but it seems like these ladies are head over heels in love.

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2. They make us tough

One in four women absolutely refuses to take off heels even if their feet are hurting according to's survey. Any woman will tell you that toughing it out is some serious dedication. There's a reason why weddings and dances accumulate piles of heels on the floor by the end of the night.

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3. They're our little secret

Chances are a woman is lying to her significant other about how much she is spending on her heels since the survey says half of the women do so. This is definitely understandable if she is using her own money, much less so if she's dipping into the joint account. You might raise your eyebrow at this and wonder who are men to judge because ...

4. He loves them too

Men's footwear has seriously upped its game in recent years and many men will drop a lot of money on a pair of shoes. You might think that your man is spending more than you on footwear and it turns out that you may be right! According to Market Research provider Mintel, British men spend more on shoes. This can actually be a good thing because…

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5. They tell us a lot about another person

According to's survey, ladies are not just focusing on their own collection, but are judging others! This is actually not a completely materialistic thing since a study done by the University of Kansas, found that a date can correctly predict a person's age, gender, income, political affiliation, emotions, and personality traits just from their footwear.

Try telling your partner that new shoes will help you get in the mood. Your collection may multiply at an alarming rate.

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