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The Girlfriend Of A Woman’s ‘Baby Daddy’ Requests Receipts Of What She Spends His $500 Monthly Child Support Payments On

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A woman was stunned after she received an alarming text message from her ex-boyfriend’s current girlfriend asking her about her child support payments. 

The woman has children with her ex and he pays child support each month. However, his current girlfriend is concerned about what exactly she is using the money for, as they are struggling to pay their own bills. 

The woman’s 'baby daddy’s' current girlfriend asked for receipts of what she spends her $500 monthly child support payments on. 

Madds, who has three children, took to TikTok to share the screenshot of the message she received from one of her baby daddy’s current girlfriends. The girlfriend expressed concern about how Madds was using her child support payments because she and her boyfriend are struggling to pay their own bills due to having to pay $500 a month to Madds for child support. 



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She also believed that it was “unfair” that Madds was receiving a tax refund which she was refusing to split with the couple. 

“Since you want to keep all of the taxes why don’t you lower child support?” the girlfriend suggested while requesting to see itemized receipts of exactly what Madds spends her child support funds on. “He’s paying you $500 every month and you won’t lower. We’re struggling to pay bills because he pays you all this money and we never got to see the actual receipts of what you spend it on,” she wrote. 

Madds was taken aback by the woman’s hostile request and was unsure how to respond. 

“I’m trying to be nice, I’m trying to be polite,” she said. “I don’t want to be labeled as the ‘bitter baby mama.’” 

She eventually decided to send a brief message back, writing, “I’m actually speechless… let me pray on it and I’ll get back to you.” 

The Girlfriend Of A Woman’s Baby Daddy Requests Receipts For Child Support PaymentsPhoto: Andrea Piacquadio / Canva Pro

Madds asked other women co-parenting with their exes how they would approach the situation. 

“Personally, I don’t agree with what she’s requesting,” she admitted. “They’re saying that they’re struggling to pay bills, and then they want the tax return to be split in half when they’re not even doing 50% of the parenting.” 

Madds also asked if it was within her baby daddy’s girlfriend’s rights to request receipts for everything she spends her child support money on. 

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Some people believed that it was entirely inappropriate for the woman to be asking for personal details about what she was using her child support money for. 

“A GIRLFRIEND questioning you about financials is unacceptable. Period,” one TikTok user commented. “First of all… HE [your baby daddy] should be texting you not her. Second, their income issues are not your problem,” another user wrote. 

“Your communication should be with the parent paying child support, she’s overstepping her boundaries,” another user noted. 

Others pointed out that $500 a month is generally not a high amount in child support and that it would not be a significant reason the couple was struggling to pay their bills. 

“She must not have kids if she thinks $500 goes a long way. Has she seen daycare cost, groceries, clothes like seriously,” one user commented. 

The Girlfriend Of A Woman’s Baby Daddy Requests Receipts For Child Support PaymentsPhoto: kate_sept2004 / Canva Pro

“If $500 is making them broke then they have bigger issues than tax refunds,” another user wrote. 

However, some people argued that the woman’s baby daddy’s girlfriend had no choice but to ask about the child support money given their financial situation. 

“I’m not mad at her because they are probably planning a future and are making sure their money is used effectively,” one TikTok user shared. “This is just a part of co-parenting,” another user wrote. 

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The amount of child support that a father or any non-custodial parent typically pays depends on several factors. 

Both parents’ income, number of children, custody arrangements, and state laws are all things to be considered when determining an appropriate amount for child support payments



Most child support payment guidelines calculate a percentage of the non-custodial parent's income, with adjustments made for factors like health insurance costs, daycare expenses, and other special needs of the child.

Child support is an important matter of discussion for the primary parent, the non-custodial parent, and their attorneys. 

Typically, secondary parties should not be involved in child support discussions. It is solely the business of the child’s parents. 

Additionally, partners or even the non-custodial parents are not legally entitled to demand receipts on what the child support payments are being used toward. 

Thankfully, Madds made it clear to her baby daddy’s girlfriend that she would never see a single receipt, and that she had no plans to decrease child support given all of the times she let her ex off the hook in the past. 



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“I’m not sure if he told you that I FORGAVE the $16,000 in arrears he owed me,” she responded in a text. “He left me with a newborn baby to go be with you and didn’t pay anything in child support for all that time.” 

Madds also pointed out the fact that the couple claimed to be struggling financially, yet her ex earns an annual salary of over $150,000 and they travel often. Madds, however, was battling postpartum depression while working two jobs to financially support their baby on her own. 

“I’m not giving or forgiving anything else,” she wrote. 

Instead, Madds offered her baby daddy and his girlfriend an ultimatum.

“My offer still stands, exercise some visitation and I’ll lower it [child support] or take him off child support entirely,” she shared. “Everybody wants breaks, compassion, and mercy when it benefits them, but nobody wants to do their part.” 

In a follow-up video, her ex's girlfriend replied with an apology, agreeing that she overstepped her boundaries and believed that they should no longer be in communication with each other. 



While Madds reveals that her baby daddy was not pleased with how she responded to his girlfriend, she has no regrets over how she handled the situation. When her ex told her that he would see her in court, she said that he would be dealing with her attorneys instead. 



Fortunately, Madds appears to have a good sense of humor over the whole situation.

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