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After A Kind Woman Spots A Girl Alone At A Concert, She Shows Her Exactly What True Womanhood Looks Like

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While a woman was at a concert, she noticed a fellow woman in the restroom who appeared to be heavily intoxicated. 

Instead of brushing the stranger off and assuming that she was someone else’s responsibility, the woman ensured that she was taken care of and left the concert safely. 

The woman found a girl alone and sick at a concert and taught her an important lesson about womanhood. 

The woman who goes by Koolsheeb, shared the sweet story depicting sisterhood in its truest form in a TikTok video that has been viewed over 2 million times. 

One evening, while she was attending an R&B concert, Koolsheeb ran into another woman in the restroom. The woman was vomiting and appeared to be intoxicated. 

She was also alone. 



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The stranger asked Koolsheeb if she would be willing to escort her to her car and offered to pay her. 

However, realizing the severity of the condition that she was in, Koolsheeb not only walked the stranger to her car but also placed her in the passenger seat and drove her to a nearby hotel so that she could sleep it off before driving home. 

The next morning, Koolsheeb texted the stranger to check in on her, assuring her that her car was parked in the hotel lot and that her keys were on the nightstand. 

She also reminded her that checkout was at 11 a.m. and that continental breakfast was served in the lobby until 10 a.m. 

A Woman Spots A Girl Alone At A Concert And Escorts Her To SafetyPhoto: Anastasia Ilina-Makarova / Canva Pro

“Feel better queen & I’m glad you had a GREAT time,” the woman also messaged her. 

“She called this morning to thank me,” Koolsheeb added in the caption of her video. She also refused to accept any money the stranger had offered to pay her. 

“I love protecting women. Also don’t drink and drive,” she wrote. 

Other people praised Koolsheeb for her treatment of the stranger and thanked her for keeping her safe. 

“You’re amazing. A girl’s girl! You protected her and made sure she got home safely and she’s alive and safe because of you,” one TikTok user commented. 

“This made me emotional. I love women,” another user wrote. 

“A girly did this for me, she set me up in her guest room for the night. Shoutout to Becky literally an angel on earth,” another user shared. 

The woman’s kind efforts are an act of heroism in the eyes of nearly every woman who has found themselves drunk at a concert with no one else around to protect them, and even those who have ever had to walk home alone

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Not only did Koolsheeb prevent a stranger from driving under the influence, but she also may have saved her from being hurt or taken advantage of in her vulnerable state.

Women and girls, especially if they are intoxicated and alone, have a higher chance of being assaulted. Research suggests that at least half of sexual victimization incidents involve alcohol use, either by the perpetrator or the victim.

Had Koolsheeb failed to notice the stranger in the restroom or ignored her request to safely walk her to her car, who knows what could have happened? 

After A Woman Spots A Drunk Girl Alone At A Concert She Safely Escorts Her To A Hotel To Spend The Night Photo: ESB Professional / Shutterstock 

As women, we are more than aware of the gender-based violence, discrimination, and harassment that occurs to other innocent women each day. 

We should always keep each other safe and have each other's backs. Solidarity among women is crucial for creating a safer and more supportive environment. 

The girl in the bathroom that Koolsheeb stumbled upon may have been a drunk stranger initially, however, by the end of the night, they were sisters bound by an understanding of how dangerous it is for a woman to be on her own, no matter what the public setting may be. 

If you ever happen to spot a fellow woman in a similar situation, have her back. Offer to get her home safety. Exchange numbers. 

When women stand together, they create a safer and stronger community where all women can thrive. 

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