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Woman Praises Man Who Helped Her 'The Right Way' When He Overheard Her Say That She Was Lost

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As a woman, it can be especially terrifying when we find ourselves lost in areas we are unfamiliar with when we are by ourselves. Not only do we have to look out for lurking dangers such as wild animals and hidden cliff edges, but we also have the image of a man overpowering us and dragging us off somewhere in the back of our minds on a constant loop.

When one woman from the UK was lost and approached by a man, she most likely initially braced for the worst. However, what the man did instead had the woman profusely thanking him and publicly praising his actions online. 

When the man learned the woman was lost, he told her to follow him while she acted like she was talking on the phone, so he could safely lead her to her destination. 

Evie Aspinall (@EvieAspinall_), Director of the British Foreign Policy Group, shared her experience on X (formerly known as Twitter). She recalled that while walking to her hotel, she became lost and called her boyfriend. When Evie was talking to her boyfriend, a stranger happened to walk by. 

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“A man overheard me on the phone to my boyfriend last night lost trying to find my hotel,” she wrote. Instead of using the opportunity to take advantage of the scared and confused woman, the man took it upon himself to effectively help her find her way. 

“He didn’t try and make small talk. He told me to stay on the phone. And then he walked 2 feet in front of me, for a whole 10 minutes, so he could point out my hotel to me,” Evie shared. 

Evie praised the man for his help, pointing out that other men should take notes. “That’s how you do it. In what could have been a scary situation he did everything right,” she wrote. “I felt so safe. Massive thank you to that man.” 

Thankfully, Evie is not the only woman who had a positive experience with a man who assisted her when she was lost. 

“[This] happened to me in Paris, years ago. We were trying to find Disneyland, and a stranger at a petrol station saw me struggling to get directions in French. [He said] ‘Follow me.’ He drove 10 minutes, and took us all the way to the theme park entrance,” one X user shared. 

“My husband will stop at every flat tire, smoking engine, someone walking on the road to help them,” another user wrote. 

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Others claimed that most men are more than willing to step in and help women when they notice that they are lost. Even if most of them are, it can still be difficult for women to trust that they have good intentions. 

According to FaithSAFE, 31% of women have experienced physical violence from a male perpetrator, often when they are by themselves. Additionally, 78% of those who are abducted into situations of trafficking are women, per the Global Dataset at a Glance.

It is natural to be wary of men who approach us if we are walking by ourselves, and we can be hesitant to ask them for help. 

Most of us have seen too many horror movies where an unsuspecting female character was led into a disastrous situation after she made it known to the male character that she was lost and needed help. 

However, the man who assisted Evie when she was lost could not have handled the situation better. He always made sure that he was ahead instead of behind her so that she could see exactly what he was doing, had her talk on the phone so that people would know she wasn’t alone, and kept a watchful eye on her until she made it to her destination. 

On behalf of us women who are prone to getting lost, to the man who helped Evie, thank you for your service! The world needs more people like you. 

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