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Woman Shares The One Shower Accessory That Was Clearly Only 'Made For Men'

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Whether you spend five minutes in cold water or get pruney after an hour-long, hot, "everything shower," shower routines are serious business.

Bathroom accessories and our shower products give us a chance to spruce up our routine and often are the cherry on top of our mundane getting-ready habits. 

But when it comes to jazzing up these hygiene habits, not all shower accoutrements are created equal, however. Case in point, Michel Janse, has a serious problem with a particular showerhead that she claimed was only "made for men." 

A woman revealed the one shower appliance that is ‘made only for men’ and continually disrupts her routine. 

Janse was frustrated over the disruption to her shower routine and put the blame on “rainfall” showerheads for doing it. While functional and luxurious for many people, mostly men, she argued they were impossible to enjoy. 



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“Some see luxury,” Janse captioned the video, “others see their ruined hair washing schedule.” She admitted that rainfall showerheads are ‘made only for men’ after struggling to do her full shower routine. 

Not only are they inconvenient for many aspects of women’s shower routines, including hair washing, shaving, and quick post-makeup rinses, but they’re really not all that luxurious. 

Tons of people report that these shower heads are just “not worth the hype” with complaints of leaking, holding horrible water pressure, and being difficult to clean and maintain. And Janse was clearly among them.



She admitted that she follows a strict hair-washing routine, as many women do, and the “rainfall” shower head made it impossible to wash her body without getting her hair wet.

"It's like doing acrobatics,” she insisted. “I have to do a backbend to the ground to keep my hair out of it while getting my body clean,” she jokingly added.

Many comments agreed, saying they dealt with “chronic back pain” over the “workout” of showering with this shower head. 

So, if women are more likely to not wash their hair or follow more intricate showering routines, how can they manage these habits in a rainfall showerhead home? 

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Comments suggested workarounds for women living with ‘rainfall’ shower heads that included using shower caps and adding a spray hose. 

Many commenters were shocked by Janse's acrobatics and suggested she purchase something more functional and sustainable. “We’ve all had to learn this at one point — buy that shower cap now, girl,” one user shared. 

Woman Shares The One Shower Accessory That Was Made For MenPhoto: Jupiterimages / Canva Pro

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While they might be a little bit silly to wear at first, commenters said they “changed the game” when it came to quick showers or not washing your hair

Another commenter suggested adding on a spray hose attachment for a multitude of wonderful reasons, but mostly to help make hair washing easier. “I use the attachment and my husband uses the rainfall shower — best of both worlds,” she admitted. 

Research has proven that many appliances and products were originally designed to be functional for men only. 

These “luxury” showerheads are far from the only thing that seems to be geared toward men. In fact, many products were originally designed specifically for them. While many of them are now used by every gender, it’s quite easy to notice the male-tailored additions and quirks. 

Products like corsets, leggings, shaving razors, and even Ugg boots were all originally designed and marketed towards men, but have slowly become more universal to all genders. However, the history of these products — and many other appliances, services, and gadgets — can be traced back to a male-targeted audience. 

For example, shaving razors have evolved interestingly over the years as women have adopted their use with “women’s razors” being marketed and developed completely differently than “men’s razors." Research shows women’s razors are often more expensive than male razors even though “male razors” are more effective at shaving thick hair. 



So, as lighthearted as Janse's TikTok was, her showerhead argument highlighted an important discrepancy in marketing — men are still the targeted audience. 

At least there are still a variety of choices when it comes to showerheads!

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