Woman Says Single People Should Be Making ‘Gift Registries’ Like Their Engaged & Pregnant Friends — ‘They Should Be Celebrated’

“When are our single girls getting their days in the sun?”

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While the single era seems to be unequivocally “in” right now, there’s no denying that reality presents some unfortunate expectations for people without partners. Not only are they more likely to feel socially isolated or excluded, but they’re often viewed as inferior in the face of traditional relationship standards — especially women. 

It’s exactly why creator Rachel Lovey on TikTok argued we need to find new ways to celebrate our single friends and family. They’re not often given the spotlight, but as Lovey noted, “If they don’t want to get married or have children, there’s a surplus of other reasons why we should be celebrating them.” 


This woman argues that single people should start making ‘gift registries’ — ‘There’s a surplus of reasons to be celebrated.’ 

“If you just got a promotion at work, send me a gift registry. Send me a gift registry if you just cut things off with a really[expletive] person.” 



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Despite being healthier than their married counterparts, single people are often excluded from their friends’ lives as they age. As others resort to filling their partners’ cups, building their families, or investing in their relationship fitness, they tend to create distance between others not on similar paths. 

While it’s not true for everyone, it can be a nice reminder to celebrate, spend time with, and appreciate your single friends. Whether it’s for a job promotion, a new apartment, or even just making it through a difficult time — being “alone” is a choice, but loneliness doesn’t need to accompany it. 

Engaged and pregnant people often send gift registries, but single people aren’t typically celebrated for their other accomplishments. 

“Text a group chat with 30 people,” she jokingly suggested. “Tell everyone that you just broke things off with a toxic situationship, send a link to Crate & Barrel, and then leave the chat. We’ll know what to do.” 

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Despite the semi-joking nature of many of the situations she presented, the truth remains the same — especially for women, we’re not celebrating their other “wins” as passionately as we’re celebrating their marriages, babies, or engagements. Whether you’re single or not, you should be acknowledged for more than your relationship, marital status, or kids. 

“Why am I always the one gifting people from gifting registries? You literally are a double-income household,” another commenter added. “Why did nobody celebrate with me when I got my dream apartment?” 

It seems too easy to ignore, but sending gift registries truly provides a lot more insight into our cultural expectations and societal stereotypes than we think. We generally don't have gift registries for a new apartment, but a housewarming registry is a given. 

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Restructuring ideas about something as simple as gift registries can openly challenge societal stereotypes. Let’s celebrate more than babies & marriages. 

Studies show that single people not only often feel more patronized, excluded, and unsupported than their “taken” counterparts socially, but they’re also battling with harmful expectations and regulations in other areas of life as well. From housing discrimination against single folks to disadvantaged medical care — there's an ingrained aspect to “singlism” that often gets overlooked. 

“There’s not that ‘built-in’ person that’s celebrating all their life accomplishments,” she added. “Don’t assume that someone else is doing it. Just take the planning into your own hands and celebrate them and love on them.” 



They are paying for every single wedding, bachelorette party, or baby shower by themselves. It is so expensive, and when I was single, I just remember thinking, ‘If I never get married, is anyone coming to Scottsdale, AZ for me?’”


While the financial and social barriers are incredibly important to acknowledge, the truth is that friends should celebrate each other’s accomplishments regardless of their relationship status. 

Prioritize your platonic and familial relationships. Everyone deserves to have their moment in the sun. 

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